Korean Ginseng ~ KoreaTaste Gift

Hi everyone!,

As some of you already know, I'm a huge fan of Korean Food, I love eating it and cooking it, and KoreaTaste started their blogging contest on february, which was entered by default since I was already a member of the site, this only encourage me to blog more about food!

Last month the winners were announced and I got 3rd place (YAY!), and also got selected as a winner for being a "new" member, 2 weeks ago I received an email regarding my gift being sent and this Thursday I got a huge package on the mail!

Korean Food in Mexico 6

I Like ___ Seoul! [Mission #1]

Hi Everyone!

Well, the 1st mission of the 2013 Global Seoul Mates is here and here are some of my favorite things about Seoul (Korea)

Rush Ticket

Have you ever heard about "Rush ticket"?

Global Seoul Mate 2013!

By the way!!
The Julie Julia Gisela Project has been selected as a Global Seoul Mate "Grade-1" aka SUPER AWESOME! (ok no...haha) by

So, thank you readers for passing by :)


Photo taken from:
Sorea is a Korean band that plays modern Korean traditional music.

Kimchi V2.0

Good Morning Kimchi!, the earth says Hello!

Korean Rice Cake

Korean Recipe: Japchae

I can honestly say Japchae is one of my favorite Korean dishes and just like Bibimbap is something quite easy to make.

Let's talk Alcohol...

If you know anything about Korea you might be aware they like to drink a lot, so, why don't we talk a little bit about Korea's Alcoholic Beverages!


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