Dear Korea #132 - Take My Breath Away

First off, I do apologize for the lack of comic last week. For those of you who follow our Facebook Page, things got insanely busy. To top it off, this smoggy weather has been kicking my butt sideways, especially since my job likes to keep all the windows open.

I can’t speak for any other cities, but the smog here in Gwangju has been pretty bad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get this bad during the 5+ years I’ve been here. Maybe I’m just being a baby about everything, but it’s been making me feel pretty gross. Here’s hoping it’s been better for everyone else! At the very least, I hope you’ve been able to work in a place that has good air filters.

Dear Korea #103


Hey readers! Apologies for the late update! If you’re ever curious as to why some strips might be late, be sure to follow this Facebook page for updates and all that other good stuff.

For those of you that may be curious, fish pedicures are pretty much spa treatments where doctor fish (also known as garra rufa) nibble away at dead skin on your feet. Some say it can help with psoriasis, but there hasn’t been any sort of conclusive evidence to confirm nor deny the claim.

Dear Korea #092 - Some Things are Better Left Alone

Oh jeez, I hope you guys don’t hate me yet. I do apologize for being a couple of days late with this strip. You know how us old people get. I’m already starting to lose track of time.

Dear Korea #088 - Not All Snacks


Weird weather makes me feel weird. I am so not looking forward to the hotter months. I wish I stopped feeling weird.

Despite my love for Korean food, I have been known to be terribly picky. As much as I adore most of the amazing street food this country has to offer, there are some things I just won’t touch. One of them is the dreaded beondegi (번데기).

Dear Korea #085 - Seeing Yellow

Dear Korea #085

It took long enough, but it appears that spring is finally here! I still can’t believe it was snowing in parts of the country not even a few weeks ago. The weather is such a strange thing.

For those of you that may not be familiar with it, yellow dust is a seasonal meteorological phenomenon which affects much of East Asia sporadically during the springtime months. The dust originates in the deserts of Mongolia, northern China and Kazakhstan where high-speed surface winds and intense dust storms kick up dense clouds of fine, dry soil particles. Thanks Wikipedia!

some pretty fly house guests…..

When you live the sort of high profile rockstar diva life that Nicole and I do, its not uncommon to find yourself swarmed with a variety of types that just wanna breathe the same air as you. I know, disgusting. However, being the friendly sorts we are, we’ve welcomed a few of them into our home without a proper invite and instead of making an awkward scene, I’ve spent a little time recently getting to know a few of them.


Millak Raw Fish Market

Sashimi Grade Fish Fillets

Do you remember that one scene in Oldboy? The scene which, after you watched it, you never forgot and needed therapy to recover from? You know, that scene, the one where Oh Dae-Su eats a living octopus? Well, our recent lunch at the Millak Raw Fish Market brought me as close to the experience of being Oldboy as I ever need to get.

On entering the world’s largest sashimi hall, I was strangely giddy, but also dreadfully nervous. Jürgen and I have eaten sushi, but never full plates of sashimi, which is just sliced-up raw fish. But we had a trump card up our sleeves: a booster shot of bravery. Our friend Young-mi was visiting from Germany. It was something I’d carefully orchestrated. Young-mi runs Kimchi Princess, the most popular Korean restaurant in Berlin, and with her at our side, we could eat anything! (Not only would she reassure us with her knowledge, but shame us with her mockery. Like all good friends, Young-mi has no problem letting us know when we’re being pussies).

Dear Korea #059 - In Need of Bigger Pants

Dear Korea #059

To any readers out there that enjoy wearing skinny jeans, I sincerely apologize if this strip offends you. While I will admit that some people out there look pretty darn good in skinny jeans/leggings/anything not baggy, I am not one of those people. I am also not one of those people that really enjoys seeing really tight pants on most other people, especially guys. What can I say? I like my men with some meat on ‘em. Maybe I’m just jealous of the average Korean guy’s super slender legs.

Dear Korea #056 - A Valuable Lesson

Dear Korea #056

One awkward situation I often find myself in while working on this comic is when coming up with the dialogue and wording in general takes significantly longer than drawing the actual thing. I guess I still have a bit of a ways to go before I become a decent writer. Any tips from the more experienced folks out there? See that little yellow box with random text on the bottom right side of the strip? That’s the part I usually find myself pulling my hair out over.

Dear Korea #040 - Crazy Ninja Mosquitos

Dear Korea #040

Sadly, this one is based on very true events. I woke up with 12 mosquito bites, and I still can’t find the creep that did it. I know this is an issue that people all over the world face, but there’s just something about Korean mosquitoes. This is coming from someone who grew up in Houston, Texas…which is pretty much a city sitting in a swamp.

I’ve seen people here have some seriously bad reactions to mosquito bites. Lucky for me, I just get red swelling (and lack of sleep).

Has anyone else had any bad experiences with mosquitoes out here?

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