Planes, streetcars and automobiles

The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. Here’s a round-up of some of the things we’ve seen and done.

Good morning Vegas!

After an amazing week with Alicia’s family in San Diego we left ready and rested with our bags packed full of provisions for the long journey across the U.S. Originally we had planned to travel by car but after factoring in all the costs that came with it we chose to travel with Greyhound.

Greyhound is a bus service that covers main-land U.S. and Canada. What attracted us was the ‘30 Day Discovery Pass‘, at just $450, it gave us full unlimited access to the Greyhound’s fleet of buses as well as many other providers for a month. The benefit of the Greyhound was that we’d be seeing the ‘real’ America and its people at a fraction of the cost.

RIDING THE HOUND (on board with the poor)


The Greyhound bus station in Boise, Idaho is as sad as any other in America. It sits on a neglected corner of town, outdated by the newer and more useful buildings which surround it and practically scoff at its existence. The inside is populated by smatterings of broken and desperate people - passengers and workers alike - all of whom are poor. Like all Greyhound terminals, you feel the need to shower as soon as you set foot in the place. It's a rundown, profoundly unglamorous place - the very opposite of cool - with one mantra echoing off the lockers, dirty benches, and vending machines for every ear to take in:

"You are only here because you HAVE to be."

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