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Only In Korea Podcast: American Detained In North Korea & Return Of Korean Gift Sets

Chance & Travis discuss the detention of a 21 year old American tourist in North Korea & the return of expensive Korean gift sets for the Lunar New Year holiday.
The duo also discuss the results of two polls from the Oink – Only in Korea Facebook group where members answered if they would ever travel to North Korea and what they think of Korean gift sets.

Lunar New Year Gift Sets

Whenever there is a Korean national holiday all shops are filled with gift sets. These sets can vary from juice, shampoos, toothpaste, alcohol, canned tuna, kimchi and much much more. This year we received sea-weed from our taekwondo instructor. For Chuseok (in September) he gave us a lot of toothpaste and we still haven’t finished that. I wonder how long it will take to get through the sea weed!


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