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Making a Website with Rapidweaver 5

One of the biggest challenges in photography is not so much photography but the marketing and tech side of things. Recently, I have taken to updating my website because these days I do so much work on my blog that I almost completely forgot that I ALSO have a website.

Jason Teale2005

my first webpage designed in Microsoft frontpage circa 2005

Nik Software

There has been a lot of talk about Google buying the industry gem that is NIK Software. If you are not familier with NIK these are the people who make great plugins for programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture.  These plugins span a wide range of artistic styles and will nicely fit into your style, I am sure, as well.

I don’t too much into the debates about NIKON or CANON, Google+ or Facebook. My main concern here is  ”do these plugins actually work or are they just putting crap over-top of my photos?” and “Will they make my post processing easier?” Suffice to say that these plugins do in fact work well, especially inside of Lightroom 4 and they do make my editing a lot easier.

To Strap or Not to Strap


Lately, I have been shooting without a strap to see what the difference is and because I took it off a while ago and just was too lazy to put one back on. At first, I liked the freedom as I was always wrapping my strap around my hand. For the longest time the strap just seemed like it was getting in the way. However recently, I have felt like I needed it a bit more. At any rate, I am curious as to what everyone else uses.

Here are my pros and cons of the strap:


  • Helps with changing lenses
  • Takes the load off
  • can carry extra memory cards
  • frees up your hands


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