gay rights

Gay Activists Occupy City Hall: Day 3

In response to the postponement of a human rights charter that would have protected sexual minorities from discrimination, gay activists are currently in their third day of occupying City Hall.

Reading List: The SNU Quill: Volume 46

I spent the evening at my boyfriend's place near Seoul National University and remembered that SNU Quill, their English-language journal, had done a feature story on gay rights back in October. Titled 'The Current State of Homosexual Rights', there are five featured stories.

Is all Marriage Created Equal?


After watching the now stratospheric speech by Panti Bliss in the Abbey theatre I had an uncomfortable feeling. Why was ‘she’ so angry at ‘me’? Why did she repeatedly utter the words ‘I check myself’ almost to the point of complete irritation. Why was I so annoyed?

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