3 Days 2 Nights: Seoul

The area around Dongdaemun Gate is home to some of Seoul's best bargain shopping. ~ Photo P. DeMarco

Whether you are about to attend the G20 or are heading to this dynamic city for fun, Seoul is the place to be. Looking for something to do? Where to eat or sleep? Check out this article I wrote and photographed for the Philippine Airlines inflight magazine Mabuhay and learn more about the “Miricale on the Han River.”

[View published version in PDF  format here]

Seoul: City of Infinite Discoveries

Is Seoul ready for the G20? - and - an experiment that needs your help!

I'm totally stealing the title from Foreign/er Joy's post, because it's where this post got its start.

I had high hopes tonight. Get to work sorting out the photos and notes from the Haebangchon Festival, the Hi Seoul Festival, and the Irish Ceili Music / Dance Festival - all of which happened this weekend.

And then my desktop computer decided to crash. Thanks, desktop. Just what I needed. Anyway, I was reading Joy's post on Seoul and the G20 when the question presented made me stop and think:

Is Seoul really ready for the G20?

[Eight] Sweet Rain

Hello readers,

Sorry it's been so long! I wanted to share with you information about Seollal (설날) which is the Korean name for Lunar New Year that starts in about two days (depending on where you are in the world). However, before that, I have to use my blog to talk about an issue that has been headline news for the last couple of weeks because it's an issue that's also been tugging at my heart.

The Week We View - Apr. 5th

>South Korea banned all sales of U.S. pistachios produced by Setton Farms due to a possible salmonella contamination. Look out, here come the Pissed Off Pistachio protests. Though I worry Korean TV news magazine, PD Notebook, might again cause panic with a salmonella "documentary." They might alter the translation as they did about Mad Cow. I can see it now --candlelight vigils in downtown

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