Korean Doctors Placed Under Self-quarantine for MERS Contagion Visit the Philippines

As South Korea reinforces measures to contain the spread of MERS across the country, the number of fatalities and MERS cases continue to arise. As of today, the number of those infected has climbed to 87, and 2,361 people suspected of MERS have been quarantined. The death of another patient,who was being treated for pneumonia at a hospital in Daejeon before he contracted the virus, was announced this morning, bringing the total death toll to 6. As if the situation could not get any worse, a highschool student, who was admitted to a hospital in Seoul for an unidentified illness and had undergone surgery, was later diagnosed with MERS.

Dealing with MERS Outbreak, Prevention and Places to Avoid

Since last week, from the time MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) has been in the news both here in Korea and abroad, my Mom’s relentless reminders have hounded me and pushed me to take extra precautions. I wasn’t so worried before as … Continue reading

Sookmyung Women’s University Invites Filipina Marriage Migrants to Participate in a Study

All Filipino women married to Koreans are invited to participate in the Filipino Women’s Study spearheaded by Sookmyung Women’s University Food and Nutrition Department. Those who are divorced or separated from their Korean husband may also join. The study aims to to evaluate the health status of Filipino women married to Korean men, as well as their children. Results from this work will be presented in a scientific journal and the mainstream press. Information gathered will help shape health guidelines for Filipino women and their children living in Korea and other countries.

More Lenient Visa Rules for Filipino Tourists Visiting South Korea


The Dilemma of Giving Gifts in South Korea

What’s in a brand name? 

Korean Faces Charges for Forcing a Filipina to Marry Him

A few weeks ago, two South Koreans, along with four Filipino partners,  were arrested for mail-orderbride business.

Foreigner’s Free Driver’s License Classes


PHOTO_0024Good news to those who have never driven before or would like to drive in Korea! ^^

What’s Really Happening in South Korea despite North Korea’s Threat


Last night, when my Mom and I talked on the phone, she was anxious, because of the news about North Korea’s threat to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against South Korea and the US.

F-5: Permanent Residence Visa in South Korea

Last week, I received my permanent residence visa (F-5) in the mail. Finally!!! After more than 3 months of waiting and thinking that I would not be granted the visa. Why? You may ask. It’s just a permanent visa.

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