New Postcard Series

After that trip to the Korea Design Museum, I was inspired to make some new works. I took away the red outline from some of the postcards I saw and went with it. The first one there just going from my imagination then having a swell time creating the vibrant red border.

Taste of Greek: Santorini Taverna

Krys Lee Book Reading at What The Book?

On a warm early summer evening I joined some friends for a book reading at What The Book?, in Itaewon. There the author Krys Lee shared a few stories and thoughts from her book, "Drifting House." I mostly came to the event because it was something different to go to, from the usual line up of weekly things to do. I didn't know who this author was, but was interested anyways.

Yeoju Ceramic Festival ~ Video

I put together a little video here about my trip to the Yeoju Ceramic festival a while back. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was lovely. Enjoy~

Gobbled N' Go

I was surprised to find myself in a part of Itaewon I didn't recognize, recently. It had been just a year since I traversed the back streets near the 3 Alley Pub, and I didn't realize what changes had occurred. Now there are more restaurants and the street seems wider itself. Plus the crowd seems to have diversified and opened up as well. Before it really felt like Itaewon was the "foreigner place" in Korea. This is so due to the plentifulness of foreign-food restaurants and just the sheer presence of non-Koreans wandering around.


Today I completed my second time of open classes at my current school. When I went through this last year I was way more nervous. I really wanted to make a good impression last year, and so rolled out high energy and a lot of activities. This year, I was still a little nervous but seemed to calmly get through it.

The Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams

Home Fountain Show

I’m not sure which is more audacious — billing yourself as the “world’s best and biggest fountain”, or calling yourself the Fountain of Dreams. Big words, Dadaepo, and you’ve set the bar high. Would your musical show of color and water be the “magnificent and dynamic banquet of light” which your website promises us? We expect no less!

The Lovers: Life drawing session at Jankura

The recent life drawing session at Jankura art space involved a male and female model with the theme as "Lovers." It was a fun mix up of the usual life drawing session, and my first time getting to draw a male model at Jankura. I had a good time and tried my best, of course.

Field Trip at the Seoul Forest


Last Sunday I found myself at Oido, the last stop on line 4 or the light-blue line. It was my first time out there in all these years, and felt good. Whenever I rode line 4 and heard Oido as the final destination, I wondered what was out there.

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