JH4 Baboon Circus: Theme: Vicars and Tarts (50th Run)

Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 14:00
Basically this is a chance for everyone to dress up as a Vicar or a Tart but is not necessary and enjoy a hike/run in one of the most beautiful areas in Jeonju City, Martyr's Mountain. It is also JH4's 50th Run.

The twist is that this time the pack is going to have to find beer on trail, the quicker the beer is found the colder the beer will be.

There will be a patch, bbq and drinks a plenty.

Cost: ₩ 15,000


The Hammer

010 3037 6672

It’s ironical

Ex Alaskan Senator died in a plane crash recently.  First, as always, my condolensces to his family.

Second, I learned about his death from my Salon feed on Google Reader.  There were a few reports on the event, including these two: (the first is a screen shot)

An interesting choice of ad for Google to place there!

Salon had a few other news reports, then came the headline,

I played with guns

Salon has an article about two parents living in Texas and trying to keep their child from playing too often with guns.

Here in Texas, guns are an integral part of life. Many children have parents who hunt. People living out on ranches need a shotgun leaning in the mud room to take care of that rattler waiting on the front porch. And 200,000 Texans and counting have a concealed carry hand gun permit.

Its the most wonderful time of the year

April Fool’s Day is one of my favorite days.  Hallowe’en is also high on the list.

This year, I was the new guy at work and wanted to be a little careful.  I wasn’t sure what the limits were. One thing I did was bring a rubber snake of my son’s, ’suddenly’ find it in my pocket and fling in apparent horror at a student.  Good times.

The other prank, and one with photographic evidence, is changing the names on the bathroom doors.  Just as at my previous university, they slid right right off and were easily changed.  To add to the fun, I add a page in each bathroom naming the person responsible (not me and I have edited the name out of the photos).

Busan Bulls Rugby Team - All Are Welcome

The Busan Bulls rugby team (RFC) is looking for more men and women to get involved in the ever-growing sport of rugby here in Korea. Korean nationals and foreigners alike are encouraged to come out and have some fun with other laid-back folks who love to have a good time. No experience needed, great way to meet new people in a social atmosphere, the ability to travel around Korea for games (Seoul, Ulsan, Daegu, etc), and get fit while having a great time. Just casual games scheduled so far, so it won't be a big commitment. Enjoy the good-times culture of rugby here in Korea while the beautiful Busan sun shines. For more information, email Pete (, or visit us on facebook.

Kiteboarding in Busan, Korea

See video

Not many people are aware but Busan happens to be a great place for kiteboarding. Many Koreans and foreigners kite almost year round (October - June) at beaches such as Dadaepo and Jinha. Kiteboarding is a new sport that is growing rapidly in popularity. In the last couple years Kiteboarding technology has adapted to increase the excitement and safety of the sport. 

Busan is lucky to have a great IKO certified instructor. Dongnam Ryu featured in this video has been Kiting for over 7 years and has taught many Koreans and foreigners. His calm demeanor and experience make him an excellent teacher. The kite crew at Dadaepo are incredibly supportive and great guys to be around. Don't be surprised if they have some Makali waiting for you when you get out of the water. 

With lessons starting at $100 for the first day you cant miss out on this opportunity.


Email to inquire about lessons or kiteboarding information.

Haiti fundraisers

Although I'm not the most philanthropic guy in the world, I will take the time to spotlight some fundraising events - especially if they sound like fun events I'd go to anyway. The first three letters of 'fundraiser' are, well, 'fun'. See the Rubber Seoul event last fall as one noble example of fundraising and lots of fun.

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