Itaewon's Secret: Discover Some Place New

When you think of Itaewon several images might come to mind. For instance the many pubs or clubs you can go to. Or perhaps, great international restaurants where you can get a taste of food from around the world. But, would you think that somewhere in Itaewon is a quiet cafe street? A place to go see some art and kick back with a cup of tea or coffee? For some time now an area of Itaewon has been growing with galleries, cafes and mini-shops.

Tom Plus Rain Doesn't Mix

Tom: Meooowwwwwwwww Open the door! I want to go out Mom......meoooooooow
Me: Awe you want to go outside. Ok let me open the door for you.
Tom: o.O
Tom: (Look on face): What the hell is this?
Me:'s raining Tom.
Tom: Make it stop!

Itaewon's Secret: The Video

I am sure there are other secret areas of Itaewon that please the eye too, but this one is literally being made in the moment. There were buildings still under construction as I walked through there. I think this area is going to develop into one that is known for cafes, galleries and cute little shops. 

A post with pictures and more thoughts to come, in the meantime give me your reactions to this video. Also if you like it why not share it with your pals, huh?

Hongdae: Mustoy or Paint Your Own Little Happy Doll

I think there is a section of Hongdae that most people don't know about. Usually when you hear people talk about Hongdae they mention the specialty restaurants or the clubs. I've never heard anyone mention a place to go and paint your own cute little doll and have a creative experience in Korea. Then you might understand our reaction when we happened to come upon the store Mustoy.

Touch Korea: Learn, Discover, Collect

Want to gain some quick knowledge of Korea? Would like to do so in a visually appealing way? Well the Korean tourism board "Buzz Korea" has come out with a way to do this, which is their "Touch Korea" campaign.

How well do you know Korea? Come and meet the charms of Korea at Touch Korea! You are warmly invited!

Hongdae: Board Game Cafe

As you can see I went to Hongdae with a good pal of mine last weekend, and we tromped around the area doing all sorts of fun things. One of those items was visiting a board game cafe that we cam upon randomly. At first I was looking for a cafe to eat some patbingsu, but the rain was coming down really hard.

Hongdae: Lunch at Jenny's Bread

Up this steep hill and along a backstreet near Hongik University lies a little bread making restaurant that you might not know about. It is called Jenny's bread and I was craving their scrumptious sandwiches, which I haven't had in a few years.

Samcheongdong Doesn't Get Old

Korean Kittens ~ Singing the Beatles

Got this through Facebook, of course where else? I like it's nostalgic feel and the fact that they aren't all in sync with each other like the girl groups of today.

Patbingsu Quest: Homil Hodu Cafe

The quest continues for this summer's really amazing patbingsu. I am bringing you another one from my neighborhood. This time from an unlikely place, a cafe that sells walnut pies and treats. I like hodu pies but usually in the winter time or around Thanskgiving, as they remind me of back home. When I saw the patbingsu picture on dispaly I figured why not give it a try.

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