Fetish Sketch Night

I have been craving to get to one of the many drawing classes offered here in Seoul. So finally I packed my sketchbook and headed to Cheongrangyi to the Big Green Studio. Here they were having the second session of "Fetish Sketch Night."

There was a costumed French model, who had a great figure and was fun to draw. First there were a series of short poses and then a session of one long pose. I left after the first session so didn't catch the second costume.

Thirty on the Thirtieth

It's once a year and you should do something special for it. This time I was turning thirty and then I realized that it was synced with my birth date, the thirtieth. So because of this things felt extra special.

To celebrate I met up with two great pals, from this blog and this blog. My goal was to have a good meal and celebrate with some candles on top of some yummy cupcakes. All of which was accomplished at the Buddha's Belly in Itaewon. Although my tummy is a little achy now, having the Thai food was worth it.

KIAF 2011

You wouldn't know there were so many galleries in Korea until you stepped into the Korean International Art Fair.  Dozens of galleries representing Korean artists were set up at the festival along with many more from other nations.

What's For Dinner? Yellow Lentil Curry

Sometimes a good home cooked meal is what you need to wash away city life. I have been enjoying dal or lentil curry dishes at Indian restaurants and wondered if I could make the same thing at home. After finding a recipe online I figured why not give it a try.

The above ingredients are a mix of ones I have found in Korea and those I have brought with me from a recent trip back home (turmeric, curry powder and cumin). The lentils were purchased online from

Results of the Jelly Bean Contest

The kids did pretty well guessing close to the number of jelly beans in each of their jars. As for a class assignment I think it was a lot of fun and helped them make a big connection to the word, "estimate." The fall back was that many students were disappointed they didn't win. I suppose I could have given out the jelly beans evenly to the class and let the winner just feel good. But I sometimes feel that things can't always be "even" for these kids.

A lot of emphasis in Elementary school (especially the younger ones) seems to be that everything has to be the same and fair. I explained the rules before they put in their numbers and so they should have understood. What was good, I think, was that some classes had a group of all the same close numbers. So I let them play rock, scissors, paper to sort it out.

Preliminaries to the Seoul Drum Festival

Joy's Jelly Bean Contest

One of the chapter's coming up in the student's book is "Estimation." For this week of estimating fun I decided to have all the classes take part in a Jelly Bean guessing contest. There are eight groups and each one will get to see a jar semi-full with jelly beans and make a guess as to how many.

A worksheet will accompany this activity and the winner will receive the jar of beans to take home.

Friends, Food and Folly

I was able to have this incredible view because a certain somebody (Roboseyo) invited me to a gathering of good friends on Gae-eun Mountain. Getting to the park area was quite a feat as it was nestled atop a very steep mountain road. I have to say that I clearly know how out of shape I am, because of that hill.

Festivities at the Seoul Museum of History

Tom and his Brother

Tom and his brother Kaiju make a great pair. Sometimes they get to have playdates when one of their owners goes out of town. They fought with each other at times but it was mostly play.

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