October Field Trip: Dream Forest

For the October field trip the kiddos were taken to the Dream Forest. This was a good idea as it was close to the school, but a sort of bad idea because we walked a lot.

Yongmunsa: Pt. 2 Gigantic Gingko Tree

Behold! A very gigantic gingko tree, which the Yongmunsa temple is famous for and said to be around 1,000 years old reaching about 130 feet tall.

Yongmunsa: Pt. 1 The Way Up

For three years now I have heard how you have to get out into the countryside and up in the mountains to see the best Fall foliage. Year after year passed and I never fully experienced this seasonal phenomena as it should be taken in.

Finally, this weekend I picked myself up and got on the Jungang train heading to the last stop, Yongmunsan station.

Gallery Golmok Art Bazaar

Every first and third Sundays Gallery Golmok hosts an Art Bazaar. It is where you can browse their galleries but also enjoy arts and crafts for sale in the alley area. In case you didn't know this gallery is located in Itaewon near the Noksapyeong side. Tucked in an alley-way with colorful walls is also a cafe.

 On display were works by the artist Cho Dae Hee that seemed to glorify the symbol of Nike and basketball. The technique and materials used certainly allowed me to take pause and give a second look.

A Possible Cure for Korea's Public Art

If you travel enough around Seoul you start to notice large steel sculptures in front of corporate buildings. At first they look interesting, but after the fiftieth time you start to think it is just some kind of contest.

I found an article that talks about some kind of street artist covering up corporate sculptures. Some kind of new trend.

September Field Trip: Natural History Museum

For our September field trip the children were sent to the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History. First the kids sat down for a 3D movie about dinosaurs.

Sunflower Creative Arts

This might interest folks who want to expand their ability to work with young children. My brother works for a school (back home in the USA) where they try to give the kids as many creative possibilities as they can.

He hosts a blog called, Sunflower Creative Arts, where you can see some of the things they have accomplished.

Something Funny

Heard this joke recently and it gave me a chuckle.

A delivery man came up to the gate at a Korean house (story is in Korea).
He rang the bell and said, "Anyone there?"
Next thing he heard was, "Nae" "Nae" (내) (Korean word for yes.)
But no one came to the gate.
So he knocked on the gate and asked again.
He heard it again, "Nae" "Nae"
But no one came again.
So he put down the delivery box and climbed up over the gate to get a peek. 
What he saw was a goat and it was going, "Nae", "Nae".

Fireworks Go Boom!

The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is an event that gets you out of the house and into a park with practically everyone else in the city. Indeed, it is an event to enjoy the outdoors and the spectacle of fiery light in the sky. But it is also one that tests your ability to be around hundreds of thousands of people.

Samcheonggak: Above the noise

Even when you think you are starting to know every nook and cranny of the place you live in, another one comes along to surprise you. This is how I felt when I recently visited Samcheonggak a site up in the mountain side above Samcheongdong street area.

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