Pancake Brunch

One could go to Butterfinger Pancakes or some brunch place, but the best pancakes are homemade and enjoyed with a friend. Yesterday, I ventured over to my friend's place. She recently moved to my area and so we were excited we could get together so easily. I brought over a Red Mill Organic pancake mix I bought from a foreign food online seller, along with frozen blueberries. We picked up a few extras, too.

Joy Jjiggae

As the weather turns to chilly and the first snow tries to fall, I can't help but want something boiling hot when I get home. That is why in the colder months of living in Korea I prefer to eat jjiggae or Korean fermented bean paste soup. They are easy to find at local restaurants and can be taken out at your usual kimbop place.

But making your own jjiggae means you have something fresh and made to your liking. Last week I made a jjiggae that turned out quite tasty. Usual recipes call for one to make a broth using seaweed squares and anchovies. As I don't like anchovies I decided to go with a different broth, a mushroom base I found at the store.

Judy is a Punk!

The viral video, "Judy is a punk in kindergarten"...exemplifies how being a teacher here in Korea has changed. People have brought their talent to the schools here and are allowed to share it with students. The video is really great with little toothless wonders bopping up and down and singing.

Artpoli Artist Meetup

Sun Shines in on Tom

The sun has been hiding behind a haze of clouds these past few days and I believe it was starting to affect me. Perhaps even Tom was starting to get a little sad missing his friend Sunshine. But on this Saturday morning, as I was preparing to do some work at home, the sun rays came in.

Tom immediately planted himself in their direction and took to playing with a small piece of paper. Or rolling around and getting all his fury bits warmed up.

Bulgolgi and Kimchi on The Simpsons

A recent episode of The Simpsons was a take on Foodies and food blogging. It was quite hilarious as most of it was a great satire of the real thing. At one point they played a song in the tune of, "Empire State of Mind" but talking about foodies.

"Rolling into K-town...bibimbop and bulgolgi..."

Watch the video for the whole thing and feel great that Korea was mentioned. :)

A Very Special Holiday 24 Hour Theatre Challenge

Friday, December 16, 2011 - 22:30

Want to get involved with theatre? Can't commit a lot of time? Then we present our second annual Holiday 24 Hour Theatre Challenge!!!

Participants will meet Friday, December 16th at 10:30pm at Who's Bob. You will be put into groups, given props and a location. The writers will head home and send us an original script by 8am. 

Saturday, December 17th the actors will gather at the YMCA. They will rehearse the plays all day and perform them that night at Buy the Book Cafe.

Not experienced? No problem! Don't live in Daegu? No problem! Come and join us for 24 glorious hours!

Interested actors and writers should visit or email us at 

Ring in the holidays, DTT style!


Thanksgiving Meal at O'ngo

American holidays seem to come and go without much notice here in Korea. For example, the Fourth of July just swept on by, along with Memorial day. But, Thanksgiving seems to have a special place here in the land of kimchi and dumplings. You can choose to either order all the fixings yourself and have a party locally or choose from restaurants and hotels serving up the infamous meal.

November Field Trip: Lotte World

You might go into shock when you hear this, but I've never been to Lotte World. It's been three years here in Korea and not once did I step inside the infamous amusement park located in Jamsil. I've been past it zillions of times, and often wondered what the hype was all about. Well I got my chance this month when the kiddos were taken to the park.

However, I only ended up riding one ride and mostly just followed these youngins around.

Comics and Grub

Amongst the many changes that occur in Seoul, often times a subway station can transform itself. Attached to Line 3's Hongik Station is a transfer route to the AREX (Airport) line. I know this because I was making my way to Exit 5, and had to go through this very clean and polished tunnel.

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