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1) U.S. flexes muscles while Kim Jongun still opens his big mouth
Cold and warm in Korean peninsula at the same time. Cold because the U.S. flew two B-52 Bombers from Guam, and another B-2 Stealth Bomber from Missouri to South Korea to scare the hell out of Kim Jongun while Pyongyang Central Broadcasting Station said ‘Supreme leader’ Kim Jongun ratified a strike plan against the U.S. mainland (Austin, Texas), American bases in Guam, Hawaii, and  South Korea.  Warm because North Korea still allows free flow of South Koreans in and out of Kaesong Industrial Zone north of DMZ where 123 South Korean companies are hiring 53,000 North Korean workers, and North Korea’s General Bureau of Tourism is telling Chinese tour operators, “Don’t worry. There will be no war in Korean peninsula. Send more tourists” Analysts think Kim’s vicious rhetoric against the U.S. and South Korea is rather toward North Koreans to reinforce his position in North Korea. 

Korea’s Opposition Threatens to Overturn KORUS FTA: Dumb Idea

How to Lose Friends and Aggravate Others
The informed recognize Korea’s ascension as a developed economy. that is undisputed to those that know better. That position is (relatively) secure. However, issues remain. One of these issues is highlighted here, in this Bloomberg article. The theme: legal system stability doesn’t exist in Korea.

Last 3 Weeks in Korea- LPGA Win #100, Soldier Curfew, & CC Fees

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1) Nayeon Choi’s win marks 100th LPGA win for Koreans
Korea’s Nayeon Choi won the LPGA Malaysia Tournament on Oct 16, her first win of the season, and the 100th for Korean female golfers, after beating Taiwan’s Yani Tseng by a stroke. The first LPGA win was by Okhee Ku who won the Standard Register Turquoise Classic in 1988. The 2nd and 3rd was by Oksoon Koo who won LPGA Toray Open in Japan 1994 and 1995 straight. The flood started in 1998 when rookie Seri Park won four LPGA wins, including two majors, in one season. Other Korean girls that have contributed 100th win are Mihyun Kim and Jiaye Shin with 8 wins each, Grace Park and Heewon Han with 6 wins, and Nayeon Choi with 5 wins.

The Korean Car Industry's First Time Battle on its Home Turf


Korea's Tenuous FX/Interest Rate/Inflation Situation

Korea Declares A "War" on Inflation:  Too Late, It's Here

Amazing! Logic Reigns, The S. Korea - US (KORUS) FTA Finally Resolved

Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, At Last
A few hours after the Seoul Gyopo Guide's third post regarding the necessity of the S. Korea - US (KORUS) Free Trade Agreement, an agreement was reached, as the impasse regarding auto tariffs was resolved.  The Seoul Gyopo Guide has argued, on multiple occasions, that the FTA would benefit Korean citizens who are suffering due to inflationary pressures in Korea.  Any extra measure to reduce this pressure would be welcome.

Korean Government Acted Wisely by Conceding Insignificant Points

Korea is Right on the FTA Impasse, But the Bigger Picture is More Important

The Seoul Gyopo Guide has pointed out the importance of the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) to the Korean population here, and pointed out that the lack of a ratified agreement victimizes the Korean people.  The KORUS FTA  was an agreement reached many years ago, and there was anticipation that Presidents Obama and Lee would have used the G20 Seoul Summit in order to be a place where they would announce a final agreement which could be ratified by both legislatures.  Wrong.  No final agreement has yet been reached.

Obama foolishly plays with fire on South Korean FTA

Last year I wrote ad-nauseam on my support for the FTA between the U.S. and South Korea --both here and in the mainstream press.It was then that I coined my now infamous line about the South Korean citizenry's opposition to the trade agreement: "The problem with democracy is that sometimes it works."I really didn't want to get into it the FTA debate again, but this headline in the Korea Times

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