Surprised People Haven't Heard of Busan's Asian Markets

It always surprises me when people tell me that they haven’t heard of the Asian (or International) food markets in Sasang, Busan. Other than Itaewon in Seoul, I wouldn’t know where else to buy all my favorite non-Korean food items.

A small list of some of the things you might find here: lime, cilantro, morning glory, frozen samosas, frozen nan, pho broth, green curry, red curry, panang curry, lamb, coconut milk, split chickpeas, canned chickpeas, lentils, American Cheetos and Doritos, Thai and Indian style rice, Thai and Vietnamese noodles, biryani ingredients, etc.

Go check out Shahjan Mart, Asia Mart, Asian Food Mart, and New World Market. There is some overlap amongst the stores, but also hidden gems. Sometimes if I really like something, I’ll go back and have trouble finding the same item again.

Interesting factoid: The people who own the Asia Mart also own the Indian buffet restaurant, Sangam, which you’ll see on the second floor near the main street.

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