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What We're Eating in Seoul

Unless I'm vastly mistaken, our small family of three remain the only representation of the Farrand tribe residing on the Korean peninsula. However, a non-zero possibility also exists that we are the initial flashpoint of a future mighty Farrand empire that will eventually spread from Busan to Northern Manchuria, enslaving all members of the Lee, Kim and Park families. As such, I thought it timely to create this recording of our daily degustations.

Just in case our descendants of the future find pertinent to ask: "Which nutritional substances fuelled our imperialistic origins?"

Mixin' It Up at Chef's Night In with Bacardi Korea

The following post is a piece I wrote for and Bridge Magazine.

There's no doubt that La Cuisine Cooking Academy's Chef Night In is the event of the summer. Already in full swing, the series of dinner parties features international chefs that prepare a hand-selected three course menu all the while sharing stories of their pasts and their passions for food. Chef's Night In has created quite a buzz amongst Seoulites, as it has successfully achieved the trifecta for the perfect summertime soiree: tasty food, promising entertainment, and exceptional socializing. But, let's be honest. A party isn't a party without a bit of booze and the event's mixologists have guaranteed that this essential element not be excluded.

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