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Convenience Foods- Korean Bodybuilding Chicken

Last year, I worked at an English Hagwon, which is a Korean private study academy. Students here go to these academies after they’ve finished their regular school day. They take classes like English, Math, Science etc… anything to possibly get them a leg up on getting into their preferred Universities once they get to that age. Even though these are elementary students, the pressure for them to perform is already very much present. I now teach at a Public Highschool, but most of the students here don’t go to a Hagwon. That’s because they go to school from 7:50am to 10:00pm. No joke. Some do go to academies after this time- I’ve ran into my students at 10:30 pm on their way to a study hall, or science academy. It breaks my heart but I’ve realized it is not in my power or ability to make any kind of change to the system. I could go on about the pressure and stress of the overworked Korean student, however that is not my goal for today.

Dried Orange Peel

_MG_0905This is another food find! A natural, sweet, flavourful addition to your baked goods-

_MG_0904Dried orange peel! I bought this at Emart, but I’ve also seen it in a lot of the bulk medicinal herb section- the same place where you can find different aromatic wood, dried ginseng and other roots and jujubes. I’m not sure what Koreans use dried orange peel for specifically- but am guessing in some kind of soup or tea.

Food Processor

So I’ve been asked a few times about where I bought my food processor, so I thought I would share this. _MG_0505

I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I actually went through 5 blenders before I bought this one. So if you’re wondering about whether its a better investment to buy a more expensive one or a cheaper one- then learn from my wasteful and expensive mistake- and just buy the more expensive one that is a way better choice in the long run!! Or even in the short run, as in my case.

Kabocha Powder

This is an exciting food find for me- kabocha in powdered form!? My immediate thought was that it could be a healthy flour substitute in all kinds of baked goods!

I have only had this powder for a short period of time, so I’m still experimenting, but what I have learned so far is:

1. It is very absorptive. It soaks up alot of moisture! Making it great for puddings, egg white recipes and moist cakes.

2. It clumps easily. Definitely use a sieve before adding to your recipe. Those clumps don’t break up that easily!!

Gmarket Finds!

As I mentioned before, I LOVE Gmarket! I was never at all an internet shopper before I came to Korea, but wow- now I definitely am! I would even say that Gmarket is one of my favourite things about Korea, haha!

This page will list products I’ve found on Gmarket that I use, or I think are a good price.

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