Lotte ♥ Romantic Altiear

This spring Lotte launched the theme “Romantic Altiear” throughout Korea.  The inspiration was vivid spring colors combined with paper and other textured organic elements ♥  Sadly this time of year the sun or lights seem to hit all the outside window displays at the Lotte next to my house, so I am sorry about the photo quality with these!

♥ ♥ ♥

Overall it was a minimal, but very colorful and fun theme for the start of spring! The colors really got me in the mood to shop for bright colors and the flower designs made of paper for the mannequins are beautiful

The First Bloom of Spring ♥ Korea 2012

After an extra long winter and random snow just when it was starting to get warm~ At last the first bloom has started for spring here in Korea!  Nara and I found some small trees on the side of the road starting to open up so we jumped out to take a quick pic or two!

Soon Korea will be filled with beautiful flowers~ I can’t wait! ♥

Spring Comes..

Posting today to share another beautiful photo shoot from Korean Vogue Girl that I dug up from 2011~

Spring themed with beautiful flowers all over the models ♥

Field of view

Field of view


Hongdae: Board Game Cafe

As you can see I went to Hongdae with a good pal of mine last weekend, and we tromped around the area doing all sorts of fun things. One of those items was visiting a board game cafe that we cam upon randomly. At first I was looking for a cafe to eat some patbingsu, but the rain was coming down really hard.

June Fieldtrip: Bugs and Lizards Oh My!

If you have ever wondered whether Seoul children get out there and play in the dirt or pick at bugs, well look no further. For our school took the first grade to a grand bug adventure up near Namyangju. The kids hopped off the bus all sleepy eyed and were walked into a forested area where they dropped off their bags.

Destination: Taean-gun (Chungcheongnam-do)

You won’t confuse this area of Chungcheongnam-do with an active, happening getaway. That said, a night in a pension may be the cure for what ails you. The word pension implies a retiree’s monthly income, but can also refer to a family-owned guest houses not unlike a summer cottage or a bed-and-breakfast (without the breakfast, however). They’re a pleasant shift from a cheap love motel, albeit at a significantly higher price point. Thanks goes to an unnamed friend of Kiwi’s who had a reservation they ended up passing on to us.

May Day

Happy Spring!

Spring in Olympic Park

Last Sunday I declared it a "buddy day" and decided to meet my friend from my old neighborhood to check out what has bloomed in Olympic Park. The above pictures were taken on my ride to the park in JH's car.

First Blossoms of Spring

Yesterday, when I left school, my colleague and I discovered our first blossoms of spring. So today I decided to truck along the camera and get snapshots of them. Therefore what you see today is a view of my walk home from work.

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