Up High, Down Low

The last time I was at COEX I enjoyed some fresh air after the Handmade Korea Fair. It was a bright and blue day out.

Love Bug!

This past weekend I came across THE most cutesy Wedding getaway car of all time.

I spied this pink bug adorned with fake flowers while walking around a mall that has a wedding hall within the complex.  Now decorating a car for the couple to leave the ceremony in is not an exclusively American tradition, but never have I seen such an over the top cute rendition of it.  

It was parked in the parking garage waiting for the happy couple in all it's pink lovey-dovey glory.

Pretty Flowers

I forgot to post these from April~  but check out the beautiful flower arrangement Nara had delivered to me for my Birthday!!  Korean flower arrangements are so beautiful compared to the ones back home~

So much color!!!  It cheered me up a lot since I get lonely here when it is my Birthday~

The arrangement was fairly large, so I was able to split it up into 3 vases around my room.

Field Trip at the Seoul Forest

Yeoju Ceramic Festival

It was time, I finally felt like I needed to get out of Seoul. After looking around the site for a fun place to visit I decided upon the Yeoju Ceramic Festival. A place of historic value and one that honors its tradition, and meant to "promote the excellence"of Korea's craft in ceramics, I assumed it would be a fun festival. You'll see that I wasn't proven wrong.

School Field Trip: Back to the Children's Grand Park

D-Cube City Spring Display

To celebrate spring this year the modern and hip D-Cube City ( located in Sindorim) put up an amazing display in the center area of the shopping mall.

Seonyudo Park: In the spring time

Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

In the nearly five years that I have lived in Korea, I have never once been to the infamous Yeoudio Flower Festival. Usually the reason I didn't go was that my ex's told me it was too crowded, parking was horrible and it's far away. Well since this year I have no man to tell me not to do things, I decided to head there anyways. Unfortunately, I wasn't blown away.

Tiding of Spring – Vogue Girl Korea

Absolutely stunning spread from Vogue Girls 2011 spring issue!!!

Just look at all those colors, patterns, and flowers mixed around with traditional clothing shapes and imagery ♥

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