JPD does ROK’s Most Read Posts (So Far)

This was a very fun list to put together, bringing back a flood of memories that occasionally feel like they were yesterday. Then I realize, some of them are almost a year old. It also reminded me of all those cheapo “best of” posts Patch forced us to do instead of real news.

To celebrate my recent decision to create a Facebook page dedicated to this blog, as well as the upcoming one-year anniversary of my return to these Asian shores, and to celebrate what will hopefully be a great new job, new apartment and new adventure in Gimhae, South Korea, I wanted to share what have been my top five posts so far on JPD does ROK. Enjoy.

‘FBB’ – Foreigners Behaving Badly

Foreigners get a bad rap sometimes from some Koreans. It doesn’t help when some of us make it so damn easy.

I wasn’t the only one Tuesday morning that audibly-groaned from my seat when, during an admittedly-seemingly-unnecessary-mandatory (say that five times fast) meeting for all Busan hagwon teachers, several foreigner-attendees shouted from their seats in the back of the room. The M.C. had mentioned that teachers in Korea since 2011 need only attend the meeting once, and a few people raised their voices as if they had just been told to clean piss-stinking bathrooms on their hands and knees with toothbrushes and act like they love it.

“We attended last year!” one shouted, “Why do we have to be here?” I believe the same one also said, paraphrased because I wasn’t taking notes.

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