Only In Korea Podcast: HBC Gentrification

Only in Korea Facebook Group creator Travis Hull joins Korea FM‘s Chance Dorland to discuss HBC gentrification & the government’s plan to turn Haebangchon (Hangul: 해방촌 Hanja: 解放村) into a “Green Culture Village.”

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NaPoWriMo Day 4: Cobbling it Together

"Mummified Body of Former Playboy Playmate Yvette Vickers Found in Her Benedict Canyon Home"

Nobody knows exactly how old she was when she died
She lay for the better part of a year
cobwebs and yellowing letters
laptop glow permeating the empty space

We must invite loneliness
come in, we say
obligatorily gregarious
a vampire no cross can scare

We become an accelerating contradiction
broader, shallower
vast beyond imagination
Small enough
to fit in a palm
a pocket
a purse

Instant and absolute communication
preserved in amber
our words, no longer wind
freeze, crystalized on our tongues

"How often do you feel...?"
Fill in your own blanks
Still hungering for response
with a patience I don't possess

Loneliness is slippery

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…


Social media is everywhere- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, the list goes on. And what does social media do? It gives people a voice, a space in which they can express their views to hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people at the click of a button. Of course there are advantages to this: never has communication been easier, people connecting all over the world, talking and sharing opinions; the possibilities are endless. But, the one overwhelming negative of social media?

Beauty: The Eternal Question

Picture: instantcinema.over-blog

2013 Video Contest about Korea for Foreigners

Do you have a Korean friend? What is your favorite Korean food? If you think you can make an interesting video of any of these two topics, you may want to join the video contest about Korea sponsored by Arirang TV and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. This contest is …

Fashionista Contest for Korea-lovers


Who Snores Now, Huh?



(I) Quit Facebook



It began over seven years ago for me, this daily addiction of checking the online personas my friends and acquaintances had constructed for themselves, and for a long time it was a lot of fun. Never mind that I could have read or even written who knows how many books—could have learned to play an instrument or two—with the time I spent scanning these images and crafting this profile. People wrote to me, commented on my pictures, and with each red like that popped up I got a little shot of self-administered dopamine that only furthered my addiction. It also seemed an excellent way to find out if people were available, though since so many pretty girls refused to even state their relationship statuses I suspect that ultimately it was more or less as reliable as the dark ages before the internet, when one had to ask around (or just ask the actual person) if one was interested.

Somebody Like Me, Please!

I recently set up a page on Facebook for If I Had A Minute To Spare. If you’re inclined that way, why not follow this link right over to Facebook and click on the Like button (or you can just click ‘Like’ in the new fancy box in the sidebar). I suppose then you’ll be instantly connected to blog posts, some photographs, and perhaps a wee bit of link sharing and other bits and pieces.

The Internet: How Much Time is Too Much Time?

This is kind of an old argument…

If someone told you that you spend too much time on the internet, how would you respond?

Maybe I would say that don’t spend that much time on the actual internet, but I do spend a lot of time using various social network services or websites. I think I wouldn’t say I spend too much time, but I would admit that I am an avid addict of the world of knowing someone else’s business whilst trying to make my own business look, well, fascinating.

Let’s take a little look at where I am:

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