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35 Things To Do & Eat in Seoul, South Korea


Seoul, Korea is now one of the top 10 most visited cities in the world. And for good reason. Korea is a nation that has risen from a tumultuous, war-torn past to become an influential face on the global scene. I’ve been living in Busan for 4 ½ years and have visited Seoul on a few occasions. I thought it only appropriate that I do a “things to do travel guide” for Seoul while I’m still here. After all, I am Seoul Tee, and these are the Red Dragon Diaries. So without further ado, here are 35 great things to do and EAT in Seoul, South Korea.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

McDonald’s Vs. Korean Street Food Vendor Churros

Korean street food is a blanket term for a large variety of eats. Of the sweet items that can be purchased from a street vendor is a popular choice that isn’t even Korean. It’s churros.

I see many stands selling churros and also many store fronts that sell them with different fillings like peanut butter, a general cream filling they call “milk”, and chocolate.

Here’s the thing about popular food. If it’s out there, McDonald’s is going to try and McMass produce it. So goes it with churros. There I was getting my McDs fix and a digital image of churros pops onto the screen.

I figured they probably taste pretty good, but instead of just letting the thought pass I decided to try them out. I also wanted to see how they compared to the street vendor versions of the same snack.

Korea Attractions: Jagalchi Fish Market Walking Tour

Busan is like a former NBA basketball player named Scott Pippen. Do you know who he is? If your a basketball fan from the 1990s then you will know who I’m referring to, otherwise you probably have no idea.

That’s because Pippen was the SECOND best player on a team called the Chicago Bulls. His famous teammate was Michael Jordan. Yes, everybody knows who he is! But, Scott Pippen…not so much. He was actually known as “Scottie Pippen” but I was just trying to make a point.

That’s Busan and Seoul in a nutshell. Everybody knows Seoul because it’s the capital, has the largest population, and is good for those looking for a concrete jungle.

Busan on the other hand, is better for those looking for more variety in landscape and activities. Busan has mountains on one side, beaches on the other. It’s a mix of big city feel and small town vibe. Busan is juxtaposed with the old and new country more vividly than Seoul.

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