Oppa Gerbil Style…photo essay by Eunee.

my first food bowl was a lunchbox….dad thinks he’s smart.

dad constantly spilled my water with his feet.

so…Mom and Dad bought me a new water machine…..

Morning Chuckle

Just a little funny for this Wednesday morning.

Adam and I were researching how much food to give Eunee (we can’t really read the back of the Royal Canin Mini Starter Puppy Food, it’s in Korean)

upon finding it sold on a European site (On the actual Royal Canin site it has been edited to be PC and says mother), we read the details and both had a nice immature laugh.


A Puppy’s First Outing

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As Eunee is only 7 weeks old, she hasn’t really left the house. Yesterday she had her 2nd of 7 visits to the Vet to cover all of her vaccinations. (she has to go every 2 weeks)

Today we took her for her first outing on the subway and to the beach. She shivered a little, but being as though she was in my fanny pack (yes I own a fanny pack) she seemed overall relaxed.

After about an hour in the sun, she passed out for the night. She hasn’t really woken up since. All the excitement exhausted her.

It was fun to see everyone eye our cutie.

The doggie ramp

being that Eunees is super tiny and can’t get up and down from the bed/couch.. we have been training her to use a homemade ramp. I know many of you may believe that dogs shouldn’t be allowed up on furniture… but I am not one of them. And anyways she is a 1 lb baby who needs the warmth and comfort of her parents.

TV isn’t just for Humans

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This morning when I was working out with my TAM DVD, I had the computer on the floor and I was shocked to see Eunee walk up, sit on the key board and begin pawing at Tracy’s Leg moving up and down as the was leading the floor exercises. Eunee was watching the movement on the computer, and completely fascinated.
Tonight, as we sit here and unwind, Eunee propped herself up on Adam’s shoulder and could not be distracted as the BBC newscasters with their cute accents spoke about sports. I really wasn’t paying much attention until a few minutes went by and the little one just wouldn’t give it up. 

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