Pleasant Fascism In Two Superhero Movies

I woke up two mornings ago and I realized that I had not seen Iron Man.

Between then and now, I decided to remedy that woeful state of being. The movie gave me exactly what I expected from the trailer except for one single fact: that it is enjoyable.

On Several Encounters With UFOs

One of the photos taken with a cellphone.

Satire Will Win The Election

Like many liberals, I’m disappointed with Barack Obama, the kill-list, the continuing weakness of the economy, the corruption of the government, and plenty of other things that are not exactly as I want them to be. I recognize that if you don’t live in Ohio or Florida, you should probably vote for a third-party candidate who more properly reflects your views, whether you lean toward the right or the left, as I guess most people are disappointed with the two very similar choices being offered for the 2012 Presidential Election.

Style, And Korean And Burmese Days

In case you didn’t know, I am trying to write a good book about a Westerner’s experiences abroad; the story is very long, but the sentences are even longer (thoroughly un-slick, thoroughly un-Gladwellian), and there are far too many words; but then, in case you weren’t aware, a far greater writer already wrote a far better book about the subject, one I am re-reading right now: Burmese Days, by George Orwell.

How Not To Not Not Have Sex

Although I am constantly finding new reasons to ditch facebook forever, and probably will in the coming months, I did discover an interesting article this morning about how not to get laid, but as I went over twenty years without achieving this goal of all sexual life forms I found the author to be a little unimaginative. Based upon my own extraordinarily extensive experience in this department, I would like to present my own 10 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Laid:

1) Show up to every first date wearing a davy crockett hat, refuse to take it off, and then throw it in your date’s face if he/she persists in his/her demands, making sure to snatch the hat back and storm out, shrieking profanities at the top of your lungs.

(to get over this annoying his/her thing, all third person pronouns will now be given in the sterile gender neutral its)

This Project And Then The Next Project

I’m just sittin’ here wonderin’…what to work on next. My first novel about Korea is done, and will be published soon, either traditionally via paper or radically via internet or perhaps even both; there will be three novels total, of about a hundred and fifty pages each, and they will all include a photograph for each chapter, with some chapters being a paragraph long and others being dozens of pages, though all have interesting titles (“Opposite World”, “How Grandma Became A Shaman”, “The Hotel Of Insanity”) and the book itself was designed so that if you happened to pick it up (as though you could pick up an ebook!) and turn it to a random page, you would be sucked in at once, unable to put the thing back down again until you finished.

Here is a passage selected at random, I swear, to prove my point:

The Dorkus Is In The Details

Back a few months ago when, at the insistence of a friend, I took up (for a second attempt) a decent scifi book called Red Mars, I checked a review on amazon which criticized the book for having too much detail and not enough dialogue.

The Lower Depths

Last night two of my younger students took me out for doke-boke-ee—this sort of sweet-and-spicy rice cake concoction which is probably every single young Korean’s favorite snack food (aside from yang-shik, or western cuisine). From a distance it resembles piles of red slop, and it’s so popular that you can’t walk down a crowded street for five minutes without seeing a stall selling a huge platter of this steaming, bloody, intestine-like delicacy, where people are sometimes standing around outside, spearing tubes of mashed-up rice in a very chemical sort of sauce.

The Bland White Future In Science Fiction

To a curious, anxious, white male child coming of age in an incurious and paranoid white monoculture, there was literally nothing like [science fiction]—though a great deal of science fiction, possibly the majority of it, I was starting to notice, depicted futuristic monocultures that were dominated by white males.

—William Gibson in The New Yorker

God Is Unique

If Jesus was not an active political leader (like the so-called Zealots); if he desired no social revolution; if he did not seek a martyr’s death as proof of his message; if he led the life of a believer, awaiting God’s action but making no attempt to force God’s hand; if he was far from any desire for self-aggrandizement, and his whole life was an act of obedience to God’s will, his conduct becomes hard to understand. For by violence (cleansing of the Temple, creation of a movement among the people) he provoked violence against himself. What he suffered was the consequence of his act. In all this there is a flavor of militancy which is also unmistakable in other manifestations of his personality.

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