Job Themed Event Week

Last week was Namsung Elementary’s English Event Week. We hold Event Weeks with the purpose of teaching the kids a little more English with lots of emphasis on speaking, and having fun. Previous themes we've had are Under The Sea, Outer Space, Christmas in England and the environment.

This term the theme was jobs and we turned the English Department into a hospital, a TV studio, a catwalk, a court, a police station and finally a kitchen. The kids got the opportunity to spend their English classes in all of the different zones, trying out new activities, singing songs and speaking English.

Gochang's Bokbunja Festival is Berry Nice!

Busan Food Journal, Part Four

Bokbunja & Black Raspberry Festival!

I took an Adventure Korea tour to see the Black Raspberry Festival in Geochang. Activities included picking berries & drinking the berry wine, touring the festival grounds (including live eel catching), a dance party, and shellfish collecting.

Basically, the 45 foreigners provided live  entertainment for the small town of Geochang for the entire weekend. We were followed everywhere by Koreans and their cameras. An amusing weekend, indeed.

After a 3-hour bus ride from Seoul, we landed in Geochang. We began the day by enjoying some traditional Korean games and sampling the local black raspberries, one of Geochang's best-known exports.

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