Cooking with Drag Queens: Kim Chi

Check out this super gay Youtube channel where two bearish men cook a meal with drag star guests. This particular video, with Drag Queen Kim Chi, shows us how to make bibimbap.

It's a cute channel, and introduced me to Kim Chi who looks like a pretty fabulous drag queen. I'll have to keep my eyes open in case she is coming to San Diego anytime soon.

Queer Links from the Week

Another Queer Weekend!

This weekend is quite queer. And, like always, comment if I'm missing any events.

Uniq, where do you even come up with these taglines? This Friday, touch some c***. Or get my butt in the real dark?

The new Club Action in Itaewon has a party Saturday night. This looks like Korean music from the 80s and 90s.

Drag Queen The Musical

I had the chance to see Drag Queen in Daehangno yesterday. Although I wasn't blown out of the water, it still was a decent show with some great eye candy.

KQCF- Musical: Drag Queen

One of my readers asked for some more information about the Korean Queer Culture Festival. Although the website has an English section, most of the tabs go to pages in Korean. I'll try to inform my readers about what is going on...
A musical called Drag Queen has been playing in Daehangno (Hyehwa station). On Sunday, May 26th at 2pm you can get VIP seats for 20,000 won (originally 50,000). After the performance, there will be a discussion and photo time. Oh, and the beautiful Harisu is starring!

The Spring Meet Market

Tonight is the last Meet Market until June!  Information is all available on their flyer:

Directions - From Hongik University Subway Station.

Wig & Pantyhose at Myoung Wol Gwan

Myoung Wol Gwan, which throws the monthly Meet Market party, is having a different sort of queer party at the end of the month on Friday, November 30th. Touted as the first cross dresser queer party in Seoul, the night also includes a crossdresser whiplash show at midnight; the party looks like it could be a blast (though a tad on the pricey side).

Why Not? K-pop Star Halloween Party

I believe this is the last Halloween related event happening in Seoul (other than Circuit's parties, but they have parties every weekend and I'm sick of being an advertisement for their club. If you want to know about their parties, go to their website). This one is at Why Not?, one of the many bars on homo hill.

Queer Links from the Week

Not much to report on this week. Stuff mostly in the sweet land of Kpop.
AllKpop: MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon thought ZE:A’s Kwanghee was gay?
All Kpop: K.Will’s new single “Please Don’t…” sweeps real-time charts (god, this song is gayyyy)

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