Dog meat

The Sapaning

Now that I’ve finished the LSAT and my job teaching English in Quinhon, I’m doing some touring around North Vietnam….with my mom!  It’s a welcome change to be experiencing different parts of this country as a tourist, and with an excellent traveling companion, no less!

Since both my mom and I have been really busy/distracted in the weeks preceding this trip, we made barely any plans. One place we did want to visit was Sapa, a small and beautiful mountain town near the border of China.

We booked the bus tickets for our trip from our hotel receptionist, a cheerful guy who referred to himself as La La.  The bus to Sapa was pretty nice. It had seats that you could lie flat, big windows, and a little bathroom in the back.  It was nonstop and quiet.

Dog Meat And Vegetarianism

Dog meat protests are apparently on the rise in Seoul as Koreans struggle to shake the mild reputation they have for turning household pets and endangered animals into soups that are supposed to give men harder erections. I’m willing to bet that most of the people at these protests still prefer to spend a night a week at the local samgyupsal joint, devouring food that Westerners approve of; during the Seoul Olympics the Korean government “closed all restaurants serving Gaejang-guk to better improve the country’s image to Western visitors” according to wikipedia, although naturally they opened up later, and can be found at a safe distance from major tourist destinations.

Friend or Food? South Korea's Cruel Dog Meat Trade

by Rosalyn Morrison
(republished from the AWI Quarterly Winter 2012)

The Business of Eating Dog Meat in South Korea – BusanHaps


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