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Who Says Dick Cheney Has No Heart?

Dick Cheney has a new heart. The former vice president and Guinness World Record aspirant with five heart attacks since his late 30s, got a heart transplant on Saturday after waiting more than 20 months on a transplant list.

I am impressed with the fact that he waited 20 months and didn’t use his political and financial influence to jump ahead to the front of the line. It shows there was a large measure of good in Cheney’s previous and much publicized bad heart.

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

The Week We View: All the news that's fit to miss

Obama vs Cheney, with Obama vs The Senate on the undercard

Obama vs Cheney, with Obama vs The Senate on the undercard

Jesse Ventura offers to waterboard Dick Cheney

Jesse Ventura offers to waterboard Dick Cheney

Obama blames swine flu on George Bush

President Barack Obama today placed blame for the outbreak of the Swine Flu on the previous administration of George W. Bush.In a quickly called press conference Obama claimed that it was no coincidence that scientists believe the Swine Flu made its way into America over the Texas border.Speaking without the aid of a teleprompter the president said, "There has been a great deal of, uhmm,

When will Obama uncover the whole truth on torture?

While I applaud President Obama releasing the torture memos in an effort to shed light on the practices employed during the Bush administration to gather intelligence, I am still waiting for him to release the full story --what exactly was accomplished by the use of torture and is it in fact a method still worthy of discussion?Don't bother to check the weather reports in hell, but I completely

The handshake and the bow: It just won't die

More handshake nonsense --now coming from the upper echelon of the Republican party. With America's former top dick, Vice President Cheney, tossing in his three bits during an interview with Sean "insanity" Hannity.Dicky boy said, “...you have to be very careful. The world outside there, both our friends and our foes, will be quick to take advantage of a situation if they think they're dealing

Cheney assassinates Obama after only 56 days in office

Seldom does life offer such dark comedy the likes of our former Top Dick defending the Bush record while taking pot shots at the sitting president on national television. A president who is left to manage the mess Cheney helped make.It was like watching an arsonist yell obscenities at firemen outside a building he just set ablaze.In an interview with CNN's John "No, really I am a journalist"

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