a day in the life of an epik teacher

A Day in the Life

I would have liked to call this post ‘A Day in the Life of the Average EPIK Teacher’, but I have literally no evidence for it being that as I’m not certain what the ‘average’ EPIK teacher is…for a start, the majority of EPIK teachers work in Elementary schools, which immediately makes for a very different schedule than my own. I’m not sure even if there’s any correlation between schools of the same type, for there’s an awful lot of variables to consider; class size, school size, co-teachers, location, Office of Education, to name a few from the top of my head. Basically, the EPIK job varies so, so much that to attempt to describe an average day is pretty ludicrous.

So I shall describe with as much clarity as possible the only thing I can describe with any clarity at all. This is  A Day in the Life of ‘Carrie-Teacher’: Middle School, Busan.

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