Cheap Cute in Korea at Daiso 다이소

Large 4 floor Daiso in Hongdae! Stores range in size here from 1-4 floors usually.

If you live in Korea you already know very well what Daiso is, and most likely the nearest 5 stores to your home!  For those of you moving to Korea or planning on visiting Korea let me just give you a brief introduction to the giant chain that is Daiso 다이소!


Cute Penguin Frozen Chocolate Kit ♥

Make your own candy kits are extremely popular in Japan, the selection is endless and always amusing!  Kits like those are here in Korea, but sadly the selection is very random and limited!  These are really fun little craft kits + edible, so I hope they catch on because I love giving them a try and I am sure kids do as well!

♥ ♥ ♥

Places on a Map

For my Birthday, amongst a myriad of other awesome things, (including a beautiful, handmade necklace and a punk rock chick scrub brush) my friend Heather gave me some scraps of fabric.  They're really cool patterns, and I put two of the three of them to good use.

I've seen some of these handmade cloth state or country outlines both for sale, and as craft projects online and so I decided to channel my inner Martha and get crafty.  It was really quite easy and I think it turned out great.

Daiso Haul~ Pretty Plates!

New Daiso Haul this week~  I picked up a few pretty new floral plates and some plastic forks!  I have not bought any forks for my apartment even though I have lived here over a year now, Koreans mainly use spoons and chopsticks so forks are kinda “fancy” and a bit pricy at most stores… sold as single pieces usually so I never bothered.  Now I have a nice pack of cheap pastel ones though…lets see if I even use them! haha

Cheap Toys in Korea

Another one of my dorky loves is looking at cheap toys… I can’t help myself.  I like to look at them in the dollar stores, that random shelf they would always have at the grocery, and the party favor aisles… I make a point just to swing by and see them sometimes.  I’m not sure why I like looking at them, maybe because since they are SO cheap you never know what the heck you will find.  Sometimes I see super ugly things, sometimes bootlegs, sometimes just the package art has been ripped off, and sometimes I see something that is kinda cute!  Anyway, now that I live in Seoul I have a whole new assortment of cheap Korean toys to look at~ So this will me my post to share them!

I will update this post as I spot more! please send me photos if you live in Korea and see a cool cheap-o toy!

Daiso + Mart + Misc Hauls in Korea

This post will be updated with haul pics from my shopping adventures here in Korea!  Hope you will enjoy these ♥  I will update this post as I have new pictures to share~ newest will be at the top!

This week I stopped in to Daiso around Sillim and found a ton of adorable plastic frames in pastel colors for about 1,000-2,000원, a cute pop-up book stand for my magazines 2,000원, yummy strawberry candle 1,000원, 6 bottles of “organic farm” Korean nail polish, and a bottle of Chicka Pika gum candy… because I looove it (*_*)  I still need to find art for the frames, but WOW the nail polish at Daiso is AMAZING guys~ it looks so nice on!  Going back for the other colors ♥

A Love Letter to Daiso

Dear Daiso,
We've known each other on and off for a few years now.  I stumbled upon you early on in my time in Korea, and since have found myself seeking you out more and more.  When I returned, one of my first inquiries was the distance between us. You were one of my first stops back in Korea and one of the last places I seek out when I make my return trips home. 

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