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Cute Streets of Korea~ Posters, Flyers, Misc.

Maybe because I am a visual person, but aside from cute little cafe signs I also enjoy posters and other misc things throughout Seoul sometimes! Here are some fun things from the streets of Seoul that I felt like sharing with you guys~ enjoy!

Pretty Graffiti of Hapjeong

The Hapjeong is an awesome artsy quiet area area just one stop before busy Hongdae. This area has a unique feeling and some amazing small shops for people with more colorful tastes in fashion plus a slew of cozy cafes! Adding to the setting of Hapjeong is streets and corners painted with amazing graffiti which is actually starting to outshine the work found at Hongdae.

♥ ♥ ♥

Pretty Graffiti of Hongdae

The Graffiti in Korea is an interesting mix usually of American (seems like west-coast) urban graffiti from the 90′s, pop art, and a twist of cute+ crude humor that is distinctly Korean.  Hongdae is known for its graffiti which is scattered around the area and sprawls out to large murals covering whole building sides with beautiful detail usually in a whimsical, yet urban style.

♥ ♥ ♥

Korean Doodle Sign Spotting

Ok Nara thinks I am a bit weird because I take photos of these, but I love looking at the hand-drawn signs you see outside shops and cafes! Maybe it is because I am an artist, but yeah… just seeing the shops doodles on boards is really amusing for me ♥  I notice lots of them here in Korea of course, so I wanted to share some of them with you… maybe someone else likes looking at these as well? ^^; maybe?

 I will add to this post as I find new signs, newest at the top!

Mascot Spotting in Korea

One thing almost every business seems to have in Korea is a cute Mascot Character!  Each one is always so cute and fun, but they are often overlooked on the busy street~ so I am here to share my findings with you! ♥ Many of these characters are used for restaurants~  Korean fried chicken, BBQ, and Fish places love to make characters of the critters you will be eating… its slightly disturbing to have a happy cow waving you in to eat beef though lol!

♥ ♥ ♥

Please enjoy this showcase of Korean mascot characters and as I come across new ones I will add them to this post on the top!

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