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Call to Action: The Truth Must Not Sink With Sewol

Call to Action: The Truth Must Not Sink With Sewol

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Deez Nuts: On Privilege, Apologies, and Cho Hyun-ah

One Nation, Under the Chaebol



by Third Bass

Aweek ago a friend passed on an intriguing post from the Global Voices website about a new piece of proposed legislation seeking to strike back at Korean consumers taking their business overseas. It appears that,  in order to skirt the significant markups on consumer electronics, younger consumers are increasingly utilizing overseas internet retailers such as Amazon, and this is creating quite a bit of consternation among the denizens of Korea Inc. For those that reside in the ROK, the atmospheric prices―relative to those in the U.S. at least―of computers, smartphones, speakers, autos, clothing, etc., is hardly shocking news. However, those unacquainted with shopping in Korea may be puzzled to learn that even Samsung, LG and Hyundai products sell at prices often two to three times greater than those charged in the U.S. market. In fact, one disgruntled Korean consumer cited in the story points to a Korean brand TV selling for roughly $5,900 in Korea and $1,550 in the U.S. This difference is stark. 

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In solidarity!

Everyone Has the Right: An Interview with Nazmul Hossain from the Migrants Trade Union

Written by Kellyn Gross

Interview by ISC Media Team

“Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” -Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 14(1)

Official Statement on the Conclusion of the Korean Rail Strike

Posted January 2nd, 16:00, here

Message to the International Labor Movement Concerning the KRWU Strike

Dear brothers and sisters in the international labor movement,

I write to you to announce the conclusion of the Korean Railway Workers’ Union’s (KRWU’s) 23-day long strike against rail privatization and to thank you wholeheartedly for your support and solidarity.

In the early morning of 30 December, the KRWU reached an agreement with ruling and opposition national assembly members to establish a ‘Subcommittee on the Development of the Rail Industry’ under the National Assembly Committee on Land, Infrastructure and Transport. This subcommittee will have a multi-stakeholder advisory board in which the KRWU will participate.

2,202 Days

By ISC Media Team

Contributors: Ben Cooper, Dae-Han Song, Kellyn Gross, Taryn Assaf

We are all leaders, not just as a collection of individuals, but as persons embedded in different kinds of institutions and communities of struggle. – Staughton Lynd

On November 9th, the ISC media team met with two women from the JEI workers union, Oh Suyeong and Yeo Minhee. They are union leaders in a six-and-a-half-year struggle against their employer, Jaeneung Educational Institution (JEI). The women’s recent struggle is a symbol of self-sacrifice for the special workers movement—one that is in the spirit of the venerable Jeon Taeil who self-immolated in 1970 on behalf of garment workers.

KORAIL Unionists Strike Against Rail Privatization

KORAIL unionists have begun a strike today, December 9th, against rail privatization. The President of the Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU) held a press conference on December 3rd demanding “1) the Korail Board of Directors meeting to decide on the establishment of a new Suseo KTX operating company be stopped, 2) the government’s unilateral pursuit of rail fragmentation and privatization be stopped, and 3) a framework for national assembly debate and social dialogue on a policy for rail reform aimed at the advancement of public rail be established.” Privatizing KORAIL could mean mass layoffs and fare increases.

For more information about the strike, click here, and to download a PDF of the file, click here.

Live from Seoul: March Against NIS

A demonstration and march against the NIS is currently underway as various groups come together in a show of solidarity. Most active struggles are present at the march, including the Korean Peasants League, Gangjeon Village representatives, Subway Workers Union, and various student groups, political parties and labor unions. The march started at Seoul Station and is currently working it’s way towards the Blue house. In solidarity, the ISC is also in attendance.



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