30. – 34. NY Hotdog & Coffee, Waffle & Caffe, Cupcake & Coffee, Cafe DOU, Ruban Coffeebible (Busan, Gimhae)

Sometimes, coffee is just not enough.

Some prospective business owners recognize this and decide to add something else to the mix, in hopes of attracting a wider audience, whether that’s hot dogs, cupcakes, or the Lord above.

24. L’Revelry (Random Weekly Review)

There are real people behind the many, many, many coffee shops that line the streets of South Korea.

Recently, I noticed the closure of a cafe owned by a friend and former associate of Wart’s here in Gimhae. I had planned to get a photo of it and even do one of these “RWR’s” for it because of its personal connection, as well as its Konglish-y name, (which I won’t mention here. Why kick the coffee cup when it’s empty?). Now, in place of yet another coffee shop, will be yet another barbecue restaurant (it seems). Hopefully, Wart’s friend did not lose a lot of money from the business venture. But, I have to imagine at least something was lost.

I thought about this when I popped into L’Revelry after work today.

The Seoul Cupcake Quest

There's something about cupcakes that elicits memories of childhood and better days.  It's impossible to be anything but happy when eating them, as they are treats for both the taste buds and the eyes.  Unfortunately, in Korea, cupcakes, and most baked goods for that matter, haven't always lived up to this reputation, as key ingredients are often left out or changed to please Korean palates.

The good news, though, is that there seems to be somewhat of a cupcake renaissance taking place here in Seoul.  Pâtissiers and baking enthusiasts alike are working hard to perfect the cupcake to meet the demands of those sweet-toothed folks wanting the real deal.

Over the past month, I made it my mission to seek out some of the best cupcakes in the city.  Continue reading to see what I found on my cupcake quest. 


Dreamy Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Icing

Dreamy Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Icing

I too have succumbed to the pixie-dream-girl contagion. Not only did I buy the cutest pink and blue apron, but I spent all Saturday morning baking cupcakes with my girlfriend. The benefit to you being this magically fluffy sweet lemon cupcake which will distract you from the cold bite of winter by reviving those flavours of spring.

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