바늘 이야기 Needle Story~ Knit & Crochet theme cafe in Edae

This week I discovered a new Korean theme cafe right by my bus stop in Edae~ 바늘 이야기 Needle Story!!   This is a Knitting / Crochet themed location and is a GREAT spot if you are here in Korea and fond of that craft!  Yes, it is a cafe~ but it is so much more as well ♥

If you are looking for where to buy crochet yarn & supplies in Korea this place is definitely of interest for you!

45 Record Napkin Holder

While waiting for our ocean shipment, I decided it was a great time to look in our crawl space which housed the things I didn't really need but couldn't part with.  Time makes that a lot easier and frankly some of the plastic tubs had been undisturbed for 10-20 years.  Knowing that 63 boxes are arriving sometime next week gave me the push to crawl up into the unknown and see what's in there.

I found a bunch of 45 RPM records, both mine and Rocketman's.  How did I know which was which?  Rocketman's were still in their original sleeves and looked really good considering they were from the 1960's.  Mine were thrown in there haphazzardly with scratches galore.

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