Reading the Korean War


I don’t profess to be an expert on much, such is my modesty. Even though I’ve lived in Korea for over nine years now and am invested in the country through family, I can’t really attest an authority on much of the country’s history. This is certainly an embarrassment as I’m supposed to be a history graduate.

Online Critiques: Do We Really Need Them?

Whenever I see a decent shot and there is a statement under the title saying “Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated” I read it as “I know this shot is good, so just verify it for me and I will be happy” The reason is that  nobody really wants a full blown harsh critique that would make Simon Cowell run crying home like a sissy girl, no matter how “constructive” it is. I don’t put too much stock in comments or critiques from random people online anymore. They are nice to get and I love  hearing about people that like my photos but that is about it. In my numerous years of putting my stuff out there on the internet I have gotten very  few “good” critiques of my photos and by that I mean ones that were actually useful.

Letter from Ireland, August 2013

Dunboyne, Ireland
16 August, 2013

Dear Korea

Negativity is an often attractive topic. It’s in our nature to be critical, to find issue with what is at fault, and even when we are happy we still find reasons to complain. This isn’t exclusive to any particular situation or condition, everyone does it in some manner or form. There may be some explanation to it, but that is not my aim today.

I wanted to write today about something which has being an increasing source of bother for some time, and since I am now in Ireland I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on it from a particular standpoint.

Jenny Hyun and the Cyber Insanity

Korean-American songwriter Jenny Hyun is creating quite the stir for a string of racist comments she made via Twitter calling for, among other things, the “eradication of the black race.” All of this growing out of the overnight success of the nice kid from LA, Jeremy Lin.


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