Barmingo: Cocktails and Chinese in Hannam-dong

I keep telling myself I won’t go more than a couple of days without updating this blog, but things just keep not working out that way. This time, I’ve gotten sidetracked by photography. I started out a few months back as worse than the average casual photographer. I used to be infamous among my friends for taking terrible, blurry photos, and photography is definitely what eats up most of my time in keeping this blog. Recently, a friend mentioned that she would be willing to sell me her Nikon for a song since she’s looking to upgrade. My current DSLR is worse than useless, but I’ve been putting off replacing it until I can justify the cost. A year ago, when I started to think seriously about figuring out how to take photos, shelling out for a new DSLR would’ve been akin to finger-painting with oil paints.

September 12th Meeting Registration Now Open!!

Roll up, Roll up ~ Another 3 weeks has passed since we last met up with some of our lovely makgeolli loving friends, to eat, drink and banter, and it […]

La Bella Citta Busan

New York Makgeolli (뉴욕막걸리)

Bärenjäger: A Shot of Summer

Summer in Seoul. 'Tis the season for afternoons spent poolside, road trips to Busan and rooftop parties. While some will be reaching for Cass and soju mixers to stock their social gatherings, other expats will be happy to know that there's a new liqueur on the Seoul spirits scene that is perfect for cooling down (and getting tipsy) during the hottest time of the year.

Wolhyang – Hongdae

Name: Wolhyang

Location: Hongdae

Recommended by: Twitter/Word of Mouth
Wolhyang Food - Seoultaste

MoonJar – (달빛 술담)

Name: MoonJar (달빛 술담)

Location: Sinsa-dong

Reviewed by:Mamas ’& Papas on: 11th August, 2012

Thoughts:  MoonJar is one of the most famous places to go for an upmarket makgeolli experience, though a little difficult to find for some of us.  It’s always busy (especially on weekends) and despite the spacious interior, reservations are a must if you want in.  The service was prompt, though a little abrupt, and the atmosphere was young and trendy.  We chose MoonJar in particular to check out their makgeolli cocktail range, so our Mamas & Papas focused their reviewing taste buds on a selection of three different cocktails.

LOCATION                                       FOOD

Service:        ***                                Haemul Pajeon (해물파전) :  ***1/2

Possibly the Best Cocktail Bar in Seoul - Cafe 74

There's plenty of places to get a cocktail in Seoul but finding a well made one is much harder. One of my favourite bars to visit and possibly the best for cocktails is Cafe Seventy Four (74) in Cheongdam.

From the front Cafe 74 looks a lot like a nice Italian restaurant. You'd be right, the food here is good but as you'd expect in this area and setting slightly overpriced. The true greatness of Cafe 74 is hidden down the small side alley of the building.

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