Sunset Beach

Peaceful Bog

Contrast Before Dark

Time Lapse Video of Clouds

I (Evan) love putting together time lapse projects. I just think they’re really cool. They let us see all kinds of things in our world from a new perspective. We can learn things, or just be blown away by whole cool something looks when it’s viewed at a speed far higher than we usually see. The first time lapse project I did was a sunset in the middle of Seoul. I wanted to capture how the city looks from day to night, and I thought time lapsing was the best way to show that. It was great! I hope I’ve improved since then, though.

One of our most viewed videos on our YouTube channel is another time lapse video that I made several years ago in New Mexico. It is a time lapse video of clouds floating through the New Mexico sky. The skies there are always amazing, and the time lapse video of their movements is just incredible.

Watching the Skies


Well it is the rainy season in Korea and the weather can be a bit “hit or miss” However, with the rain means dramatic skies and that is something that you must look for. I will further explain a bit of what to look for and maybe actually some of the information from that climatology course that I took in University.

Storms mean no shooting?

Not at all. Most dramatic skies occur before or after a rainstorm. So the best thing that you can do is to watch the skies and see how the storm is breaking up. It is a bit of a gamble as some shots don’t always pay off as much as I had hope. However, the theory is sound.

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