Those Two Crucial Suitcases: What I Wish I’d Known...

When you move from the States to Korea, you get two checked bags for free, plus your carry-on and personal item.  Trying to cram an entire life into these limited space and weight constraints can be overwhelming. So, after seven months in Busan, I’m finally going to sit down and write the post I wish I had been able to find when I was packing to leave this time last year.  Here’s what you need to know about packing for Korea.

There’s a Raccoon in My Building

…and it was super cute!


The other day after I had parked my bike in the parking lot, I saw this adorable little raccoon toddling along to her Mom’s car outside my school’s building.


Heattech for Winter

Alas! The season that my husband and I both dread has begun. To keep us warm in this awfully nippy weather, I have prepared our thick blankets and some winter clothes that we will be wearing until February, and taken our coats and jackets out of the closet to be brought to the laundry shop tomorrow. I have done a little winter shopping yesterday, which took me almost 6 hours! Hubby wasn’t with me, so I could stay at the mall until closing time. ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

clothing wholesale suppliers


I was hoping someone could help me contact the wholesale contacts for the following childrens clothing companies. Amber, Amber Pure, Estelle, Annika.


After a great deal of hunting I am still unable to contact them I have tried various emails and no response.


Much help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards

Michelle Dods


Featured on Quit, Sell, Pack, Move, Live, Learn & Love

About a week ago I got a message from a staff member that runs the prAna (sustainable clothing) Facebook page and was asked to do a piece for their blog! Being a big fan of the clothing line and owning a some of the gear myself I was honored by the offer. I was asked to write a reflection piece of our travels so far and why this adventure has been key in our happiness and visions for the future.  If you have a moment, check out my addition to their page via the link below! While you’re there, I suggest checking out the convertible pants….awesome.

extra baggage

It's absolutely crazy how much shit I have accumulated in the past year. Like mind-boggling. Why, oh WHY did I need that stupid mask for Halloween, the yoga mat that I rarely used since my gym already had some there, 10 different blankets/pads for my bed, the art supplies I HAD to have for school, or the countless random pieces of clothing that I deemed necessary for my life to be complete. In the final weeks of my stay here in Korea, I am already trying to get rid of the stuff I used only once and have no real need for on my travels and the winter clothes an coats that were valuable here during the winter months but will thankfully not be needed again. I knew this was not a permanent home and while most of my purchases were not totally frivolous, lesson learned, you can't take it with you.

Yoga clothes

I want to loose weight and heard about that Yoga is very helpful for losing weight, so I decide to join regular yoga classes next month. Now I'm looking for a Yoga suit and want to buy a yoga suit in this style , anyone knows that where I can buy such yoga clothing in Busan? (The best is the stores devoted to selling all kinds of stuffs about Yoga.)


Bundled Up

So December is now upon us, and along with an annoying expat Christmas spirit, it has also brought the cold.  For  some, this has meant going on a shopping sprees to secure whatever warm clothing they can find, and for others it has meant pulling out whatever winter gear they were smart enough to bring from home. Either way, Koreans and foreigners alike are layering up in however they see fit.

Not that I’m any different.

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