Flea Marketing

Myself and Herself have half a kind of a hobby these days. By these days I mean Autumn, as its kind of a seasonal thing. We go to flea markets and sell our *ahem* stuff.

The reason why we say it’s kind of a hobby is because we’ve only ever done it three times, and at the same time we only have so much to sell. But yeah, we’re well into it. We’ve a big black suitcase packed full of old but decent clothes, a few other bits a and pieces, as well as our mat for sitting on, and we head off and start selling our stuff. It’s good fun, social, and we usually come out with a few quid in our pocket.

I think it’s kind of a fad at the moment, because there seem to be flea markets for all sorts of occasions. There are a couple of charity ones, and of course there’s one in Hongdae, and for some reason they seem to be getting a lot of attention of late. Don’t ask me why. Probably because of Hongdae, but who am I to presume?

Dear Korea #097 - A Real Southern Girl


Ahhhh! Three strips away from hitting a hundred! I don’t know what to do with myself!!

Anyways, here’s another look into my awkward past as a Korean-American. The situation presented here is probably one that many Asian-Americans have dealt with on multiple occassions. It definitely doesn’t help that I was in a small neighborhood in Texas that had no other Korean families for miles. I’ve been called Chinese, Japanese (some people are still banking on this one), Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, and so on. It’s something you kind of had to get used to back then. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little envious of the kids who get to grow up in a society that knows where and what Korea is nowadays, but it was pretty fun exposing people to my relatively unknown culture.


I maintain my sanity in the playplace, which is mobbed with children and parents—at least a hundred swarming an area the size of a large living room, my son among them—by attempting to convince various Korean children that I am Korean. I once read that this was possible online, and so now whenever a Korean child asks me if I’m a Korean, or where I’m from (“Which country person are you?”), I respond by telling them that I’m a Korean. Few of them ever seem to believe me—they usually laugh, freak out, and run away—but about a year ago one notable child attempted to quiz me on my knowledge of the Korean language (if one speaks Korean well, one is almost certainly a Korean) by asking what me what a mouse was. “Cheega moya?” “What is the mouse?” He asked, and at the time I didn’t know, so I looked to my wife, who was standing nearby, and she shouted, in English: “Animal! Animal! Say it’s an animal!” But I’d forgotten the Korean word for animal (dongmool), and I failed the test.

Boys(1&4y) & mum from Finland looking 4 company, playmates, activities

We are arrriving to Busan early April for a year and are looking for company to share days with while husband is working. Boys are 1 and 4 year old and we are hoping to find playmates. We are also interested in children's clubs or other activities, all tips are highly welcome. It would be great to have also advises on life with kids in Busan and on life in Korea in general. We will most likely live in Marina city or nearby. We are looking forward to new experiences and hopefully new international friends! Hoping to hear from you! Best wishes, Sanna and the boys



Family Holidays.

I’ve gone on many, many family holidays, but what I remember isn’t exactly what I originally sent any postcards home about. The novelty of a family holiday is a notion that has alluded me for a long time. I grew up the second eldest of five sons and it was what seemed to me to be a long time before I could enjoy my own holiday on my own conditions. Probably the fact that I was in that position in the family, where I seemed to spend more time on large group holidays than my other brothers may have, and this may have encouraged the sense of desperation to avoid a mass family fueled exodus I had as I was in my late teens and early twenties. I’m certainly more inclined to enthuse over a family holiday now.

clothing wholesale suppliers


I was hoping someone could help me contact the wholesale contacts for the following childrens clothing companies. Amber, Amber Pure, Estelle, Annika.


After a great deal of hunting I am still unable to contact them I have tried various emails and no response.


Much help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards

Michelle Dods


Flying long distance on the cheap

Economy, long-haul, pleasant, quiet; All adjectives that are expected in a sentence riddled with sarcasm when describing any long distance flight trapped in inexpensive class.

My experience with Japan Airlines was as expected, complete with crying babies, weak bladdered individuals and my curse of being unable to sleep on public transport. Fortunately, the duration of the flight had enough entertainment to keep me occupied.

Where the Wild Things Are

I love the book Where the Wild Things Are, I have since I was little.  I remember when my Kindergarten teacher read the book to the class, I also remember that I was convinced that it was a book written by her husband since both their last names were Sendak. 

To honor and remember the awesomeness that was Maurice Sendak's literary legacy, I decided yesterday's Current Issue class would be a great way to introduce some of Mr. Sendak's Wild Things to some of my Wild Things.

Dear Korea #063 - Feeling the Burn

Dear Korea #063

I don’t know if this is too common in bigger cities, but down here in Gwangju, we have more than enough mountains. As a result, mountain climbing (more like hiking uphill in some cases) is insanely popular, especially amongst the older folks. One man I know likes to go on an eight hour climb up a mountain, get drunk off of soju, pass out, and then climb back down before nightfall. This is something he looks forward to doing each weekend. I have no idea how that’s even possible.

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