Dalmaji Hill

A couple weeks ago, Ric and I took a much-needed break from work and planning our triumphant return to America and spent the day hanging out at Dalmaji Hill.  We mostly just walked around, taking the train road up and kinda/sorta following the boardwalk path back down with a brief stop by Cheongsapo fishing village.  Here are some photos from our little outing.

An old military lookout post, viewed from the train road

An old military lookout post, viewed from the train road

Hoods: The Cheongsapo Ghetto

Korea’s cities can be obnoxiously monotonous at times. Everywhere looks pretty much the same: High rise apartment blocks, coffee shops, Home Plus super markets, real estate agents, more coffee shops, tons of cars, six lane highways, noraebangs, another fucking coffee shop, restaurants, sool jips, barber shops, those dodgy coffee shops, pet stores, convenience stores, flower shops, massage places, and yes, yet more fucking coffee fucking shops.

Hoods is a new section of Monkeyboy Goes that aims to show that real urban beauty hides just under the thin veneer of modernity, where development has barely raised it’s grey, monochromatic head.

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