Haap: Traditional Korean Dessert Cafe in Cheongdam

Chung Mi Shim Hanu Restaurant in Cheongdam

Salt Coke Casual Lounge Bar @ Rodeo, Apgujeong, Seoul.

Salt Coke is a relatively new bar on Rodeo in Apgujeong. It's getting increasingly more popular because of the cheap drink prices in an area that is otherwise usually pretty pricey. I stopped in for a few drinks the other day. The bar itself has a trendy feel, it's minimal and mostly white. There's a dj playing on weekends. There's also a few projector screens playing movies, Toy Story was playing on the one by me. Awesome! The music was good and the bar was moderately busy. I think it will get much busier as more people hear about it though.

Cocktails start at 5,000 won and go up to9,000 for Mojitos. In this area you'd usually pay at least double that. They also offer various bottle sets. An Absolute Vodka set is 69,000 won including mixers and a choice of side dishes. So if you want a bar that still feels like Apgujeong without the price tag head here.

Best Cupcakes Yet @ Royal Cupcake, Cheongdam.

I interrupt the Halloween themed news to bring you my latest love, Royal Cupcake in Cheongdam.

Halloween 2011 Nights Out Around Seoul, Korea.

As promised I've put together a small list of things that I've heard are happening around Seoul for Halloween 2011.

- For an upscale sophisticated Halloween complete with free flowing Veuve Clicquot Champagne and Canapes you can go to The Apartment bar in Cheongdam on Friday 21st October. Tickets are 70,000 won in advance or 90,000 won on the night. For information of where to buy tickets and the bars exact location see 

Halloween 2011 Champgane Party @ The Apartment, Cheongdam, Seoul.

There's a lot going on in Korea for Halloween. Over the next week I will be posting about some of the places holding Halloween Parties.

Next Friday, October 21st (a week early, they're a bit over-eager I think), there is a Halloween Party being held at The Apartment, an upscale lounge bar in Cheongdam. Free flowing Veuve Champagne and canapes, what's not to love?!!

Possibly the Best Cocktail Bar in Seoul - Cafe 74

There's plenty of places to get a cocktail in Seoul but finding a well made one is much harder. One of my favourite bars to visit and possibly the best for cocktails is Cafe Seventy Four (74) in Cheongdam.

From the front Cafe 74 looks a lot like a nice Italian restaurant. You'd be right, the food here is good but as you'd expect in this area and setting slightly overpriced. The true greatness of Cafe 74 is hidden down the small side alley of the building.

Brunch @ Queen's Park, Cheongdam, Gangnam.

This Saturday morning I met up with a friend of mine to combine two of my favourite things, brunch and Queen's Park restaurant. The restaurant opens at 10.30 at the weekend and serves a lunch and brunch menu that's separate from their dinner menu.

There's plenty of options like french toast, pancakes, quiche, eggs Benedict and 'British breakfast', although it doesn't take a Brit to be able to tell this isn't a very authentic 'British' breakfast, it includes french fries of all things!

This restaurant is one of my favourite choices in Seoul, the restaurant itself is modern and elegant inside. It has a fresh bakery area and a small deli/salad counter. You can take out from both of these or choose items to have in the restaurant.

Cheongdam interactive map - made by me for you ^^

Since it can be a little difficult to track things down without one of these I thought I'd put one together. I'm hoping to add more in future. This is a map of Cheongdam which is nearby Apgujeong. I've placemarked some restaurants and bars and also a few places to shop. You can click on the map to see the names and basic information of places I've marked. You'll also be able to work out how your going to get there using this.

I will be writing blog posts about many of these places in coming days/weeks so check back if there's nothing about it yet. Please feel free to contact me by email or by leaving a comment if you have any questions about any of the places I've listed, I'll be happy to try and help you.


Fine Dining at Gourmet Eo - Cheongdam, Gangnam

One of my favorite restaurants in Seoul is Gourmet Eo. It provides a relaxed yet beautifully refined dining experience and is actually pretty good value for money especially when compared with some of the other fine dining offerings in Seoul.

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