Let's meet!

My phone has been ringing and beeping off the hook this week from friends wanting to get together once more before I leave Korea!  I loved the attention (I'm being honest) and was excited each time I wrote a new dinner date in my calendar.... On the other hand, it makes leaving just that much harder after seeing all of the people I've gotten to know and love over the last 4 years!

Tuesday was a fun dinner after work with Craig (from CANADA) and Aaron at CHAM, on the island.  Craig lives down the street from us and teaches with Okk twice a week. He's a gem as far as we're concerned!

Getting creative during the freeze!

Korea's winter freeze has definitely set in and the days of hanging out outside after work have quickly fled! With the change in weather has come a change in entertainment around the Osteen abode!  Our shopping in the markets, hiking in the mountains and photo walks around the neighborhood have been replaced by nightly games of Jin Rummy
(which, as you can see, I sometime dominate) ...
... and Christmas movies!  We've begun a new tradition in our first year of marriage, to...

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