It often seems like cars in Korea come in only three colors:...

It often seems like cars in Korea come in only three colors: white, silver, or black. Case in point, check out this parking lot. There are exceptions, yes, but I rarely see any other colored cars.

Imported cars in korea

Hi all:-

I am in Gwangju right now. I was really keen to know that how is it to keep an imported car in korea, especially in Gwangju. Many models are common here for instance audi a4, or any bmw. But what im concerned about is, im not in seoul or a real big city, how expensive would it be to keep a 2004~2007 audi or BMW or even a honda civic in terms of routine checkups and maintenance. I can ask for insurance on my own for sure. But I really dont know where to ask about running costs of such cars here in korea. I really dont like hyundai n kia stuff. Kindly help me out. If visiting a Honda/BMW/audi authorized service center/showroom is the only option, then its wayyy expensive for me to keep one.


Looking forward to your replies.....

Hyundai ‘Shocked’ as Camry wins Korea’s Car of the Year Award

Korean carmaking giant Hyundai Motors was recently humbled when the Toyota Camry was voted Car of the Year by the Korean Automobile Journalist Association. Hyundai’s formerly protected market has been blown wide open by recent FTAs and the still dominant player is looking for ways to respond, not all of which are advisable.


SEOUL, South Korea – Until quite recently South Korea’s protective tariff policies and nettlesome import regulations made it nearly impossible for foreign car manufacturers to compete with local makes—much less turn a reasonable profit.

Love Bug!

This past weekend I came across THE most cutesy Wedding getaway car of all time.

I spied this pink bug adorned with fake flowers while walking around a mall that has a wedding hall within the complex.  Now decorating a car for the couple to leave the ceremony in is not an exclusively American tradition, but never have I seen such an over the top cute rendition of it.  

It was parked in the parking garage waiting for the happy couple in all it's pink lovey-dovey glory.

Auto- Go- Round

What do you do when you when you have very limited space and high demand for parking?? Create an Auto-Go-Round.  Now I'm pretty sure this is not the name for this thing (i.e this is not the real name for this thing)- but it is what I call it. 

North Koreans Perfect Car Culture

I’ll put aside my opinion, that leadership successions really aren’t that important for one post. One little detail WaPo leaves out about the brother-in-law of Kim Jong Il promoted to the No. 2 spot in the secretive nation’s leadership is, that Kim Jong-il was physically present for the event.

But, the report of who is now in power pales in comparison to the possible tale of who were taken out – and with cars:

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