Drunk in Korea

Every day of this week I said "OMG, I haven't blogged yet...", I wanted to blog but I either didn't have time to do so or I didn't know what to blog about.

We've been working on our Youtube channel (Double Trouble en Corea), our regular jobs, some new ones and a T-shirt project we are starting!~

I'm very excited with everything that's going on, on friday we got GREAT news about a "thing" we had pending in Mexico, that's finally coming to an end!!

Bridge of Life

사랑해주세요 - Please love me or Love me....

Double Trouble en Corea

I'm just gonna leave this here.....

- Gisela V.

BBQ Party!

Hello everyone!~~

I'm trying not to be lazy but this has been yet another busy weekend, I actually love being busy but I'm old and I also need some rest (lol).

Friday night was Mexican dinner night and cleaning night (the rooftop that apparently was last cleaned in 1980). I came back from work around 10:30pm so, it was a long night, we had to get up early on saturday since we had to clean the rest of the house, shower, do some grocery shopping and getting started with the party stuff...

Since we are suuuper lucky; it was cloudy and rainy so we had to stay indoors, goodbye pretty lights we set up outside :( , but despite the weather we had an amazing time, lots of people came (more than we actually thought), we all ate a lot and we even had Quesadillas thanks to Douglas aka Mr. Pendejo ♡ (hahaha).

I'm into...

Image- Instagram @seeven777

B as in Busy

Hi everyone!!!

I'm back~~

I don't know what's going on lately but we've been pretty busy, and whenever I'm home, I'm too tired to even move -lol-, we need to do some serious House cleaning now that spring is here and we can finally enjoy our rooftop properly.

Things are constantly changing and in less than a month another BIG change might happen, althoug, we are not sure about this, I'm confident whatever happens we'll work it out, because that's how my mom taught us^^

On a previous post I talked about the 2 meet ups my friend set up for me, the 1st one was a Fail because her bro-in law is way tooo shy to be true, he saw me for a second and ran to his room, I thought I had scared him away lol, but 2 days later we met again, this time he did say Hello but that was basically it, I can tell he is nice but too shy for me, it's enough with me being very shy already.

Not so lazy sunday

Heeeeeeeeeello everyone!!

Today I'm blogging from a coffe shop while sipping on my Coffee~coke (most amazing drink ever!).

I'm with my GZBz (lol) just waiting because we are due to go into Inkigayo's pre-recording for 2NE1 at 5pm...

I actually dont have much to say but I just wanted to drop by and say hello (lol ~ laaaame), yesterday we had a oretty busy day starting at 9am and finishing at midnight only to wake up at 4:30am to arrive at 2NE1's first recording at 6:30am... I wish I was home being lazy....

Yesterday we also kinda went to 2NE1's fansign lol...

Aaaaand we've signed up for a very cool traveling with locals project! (In case we didnt have enough on our hands already)

I suck

I suck at keeping up with challenges lol, I wasn't even able to complete a whole month of my Daily blogging challenge...

Things got crazy for a bit and I just had so much going on that I didn't know what to blog about, the good thing is; I'm blogging WAY more often than what I used to blog a couple of months ago!~ yay me!

Our week in Osaka came and went.... I really like Japan although I can't say I love it, I usually have enough of it in 3-4 days, and I think 2-3 days in Osaka are more than enough. This time we didnt have lots of plans because we've been to Osaka before and we had already done all those touristy things, we mostly walked around the city until we were hungry and then we woud have another hour or 2 to find something we both (me and my sis) wanted to eat. It was mostly becsuse we would walk for 6-8 hours that when we got back to our hostal I was already exausted and didn't feel like blogging..... sorry!

How to move to Korea

Hi everyone!

I've been receiving this question quite often now, What do I need to move to Korea?

Hmm... I've been thinking about it and well... 2 things come to my mind, 1st Courage and 2nd A job or lots of $$$.

1st things 1st, WHY do you want to move to Korea?

If you love K-pop and Dramas, well, I would recommend to just Travel to Korea for a couple of weeks...

6 Months of Korea

Two days ago marked our 6th month-versary (??) in Korea, on September 4th we arrived at Incheon from Japan, funny thing?, I'm writting this post from a random Hostal in Osaka, Japan....

I would like to thank my sister for being with me these 6 months (wel... these almost 29 years), for making my dream come true, for loving me as much as she does and for going crazy with me all this time. It was actually her who reminded me of our month-versary, over 3 years ago I told myself I would live in Korea someday, my mom and my sis were always very supportive and now we are here, I know my mom is proud of us for taking such a crazy path and not living a conventional life.

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