In Defense of Hunter-Gatherers

Honestly, since I read Raj Patel's Stuffed and Starved, I've struggled with how both pig out and not eat industrially produced pork. I know I've got a freezer full of antibiotic-pumped chicken, too. I do avoid cola, which I've never really liked that much. Fortunately, the Army basic training showed me [...]

The More We Know about DPRK....

...the less we really will want to deal directly with Pyongyang. I really wish would recruit some Asia specialists - and, it's not as if I've not tried to tell the dullards who populate its technical staff! - because no matter how wonky Jacqueline Shire and Jeffrey Lewis try to handle nukes like [...]

Fooled by Low Baselines

I just don't comment on The Becker-Posner Blog enough - mostly because I don't read it enough as I would like. Yet the topic, "Is the World Economic Center of Gravity Moving to Asia?"", caught my attention. Posner is a bit pedantic on his main criticism of Becker's essay, or defining Asia. Becker actually does a [...]

The Breakaway Republic of Kebapistan

Turkish House is a classy restaurant in Okpo that doesn't put kimchi and picked turnips on the table. It looks quite modest from the exterior, but every chair is upholstered and the air is clean and fragrant. And, Turkish House, unlike every Turkish joint in Busan, has baklava without a reservation. All the times my [...]

Those Nasty Buddhists Again

Michael Schaffer assures non-Sri Lankans, that distraught over missing an opportunity to avert civil war between Tamils and Buddhist Sinhalese, future Buddhist nationalists in Colombo might allow Westerners another chance for hollow charity. In fact, Sri Lanka's civil carnage has been most tragic precisely because of what the island nation is not. Rather than the sort [...]

Korea Ranked Fifth in OECD for Broadband

As I sit here tweeting, The Economist reminds me ROK is the fifth-ranked country for broadband subscriptions in the OECD, and they're fairly cheap. Yet, what's missing is a demographic or geographic breakdown of those subscribers. Once again, thse graphs are little more than raw material for propaganda. Powered by ScribeFire. alternate frame of change©2009 Left [...]

Don't Let Honda Insight Take the Bullet for the Auto Industry

I don't know why Hyundai is in particular danger of attracting Jeremy Clarkson's displeasure - aside from the Accent and a few nasty words amid the praise, Clarkson's recent reviews of Hyundai autos are positive - Clarkson's assault on the Honda Insight is really an assault on automakers.But let me be clear that hybrid [...]

Not a Normal Chinese Relationship

I thought the DPP chairwoman's perspective, that a relationship with Beijing might satisfy for the short-term, but not help in the long-term, astute. Powered by ScribeFire. alternate frame of change©2009 Left Flank. All Rights Reserved..

Let's All Take a Deep Thought

Maybe it's hormonal, I more than tolerated Naomi Klein in this interview for the first time in a while. (~20:00) I'm a bit queasy about cutting President Obama too much slack, and relying on popular movements to agitate for what Elizabeth Warren discussed. Thank Charlie for trying to pierce Klein's and Greider's almost slimy [...]

Elizabeth Warren Unbound

Let me just say, I like this woman's brain!The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10cElizabeth Warren Pt. Daily Show Full EpisodesEconomic CrisisPolitical Humor Powered by ScribeFire. alternate frame of change©2009 Left Flank. All Rights Reserved..

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