Anapji Pond – Throwback Thursday


Here I am super-duper excited to tell you all about Anapji Pond, and I find out it’s a man-made, artificial pond.  Well…uh-oh.

Some people have asked me where I get my eyelash extensions, so...

Some people have asked me where I get my eyelash extensions, so I’ll tell you that I go to 바비속눈썹 near Kyungsung University (경성대학교). I go to a lady that glues fake eyelashes to each of my individual top eyelashes. Her shop is outside of exit 2 (above Dream Depot). It’s 25,000‎₩ for one session, or 100,000‎₩ for five sessions if you want to pre-pay. Pay in cash.

I’ve been getting these done for over two years now. I guess like any other beauty regime, it’s a bit addictive. I used to get manicures and pedicures done semi-regularly back home, and this feels similar where I feel really pretty and happy after the appointment is done.

Korean BBQ – we’re doing it wrong!

Miracle 10: Super C


From the time I was 8 until I was around 10 years old, I had some strange breakouts that plagued me (and my poor Mother while we were in France!).  I got teased quite a bit because of it.  When kids called me the traditional, silly, childhood names reserved for acne I wasn’t really bothered because they were mislabeling the issue.  They weren’t zits, but nobody really knew what was going on with my face.  At one point it all just cleared up, and since then I’ve always been the kind of person who found pride in being able to wash my makeup off with soap and water and still have pretty flawless skin.

City of reading… Busan? Um, I dunno.

City of reading… Busan? 

Um, I dunno.

Haeundae Smokehouse

Food to savor:

Reflections on my time in Busan for weteachkorea.com


A few weeks ago my friend Luke, who I travelled to Japan with a few years back and played football alongside while I was living in Korea, contacted me with regard to writing a lifestyle/opinion piece on my time in Busan for his new website; weteachkorea.com

How I got my first job in Korea


When was the last time you did something for the first time?  If it’s been so long that you can’t remember, I would consider that an issue.  In August of 2014 I found that I was asking myself that same question over and over again.  I took every possible opportunity to go try something new.  I took a card-sewing class (yes, you read that right), a brew-master’s tour, adult ballet (and barre) classes, did a scotch-tasting (okay, that one wasn’t quite so new), a Ukranian egg-decorating class (yep – wax, dip, and dye over and over again), and I dined in the dark at a restaurant where all the servers were blind.  We had scheduled axe-throwing and stand-up comedy classes, but ultimately I was just too busy with such an extremely demanding job.

Hiking Seokbulsa


This trail will begin to go downhill, and you’ll go down stairs, across a small stream, and probably more stairs. Follow it for no more than 10 minutes.Went out to the temple, Seokbulsa (석불사). Admittedly, this is not easy to find or to hike to. I got my directions from Meet You In Korea -but still had to ask at least half a dozen random hikers for clarification.

This is the information from about the temple from their site:

The Pho: Gwangan


Recently myself and my fiancé found ourselves at a loose end, and hungry, in the midst of Gwangan. I’ve always been fond of the restaurant scene in Gwangan, finding there to be a better range to suit all budgets than the slightly pricier Haeundae.

On this particular day, we stumbled upon a tantalizing looking Vietnamese restaurant called ‘The Pho’. I was lured in by the prospect of a decent bowl of pho, something that can be hard to find in Korea!

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