Busan, South Korea

Garlic Vendors | Busan, South Korea

Selling garlic in a Busan market


Night Market | Busan, South Korea

Booth at Busan Beach


Sculptures | Busan, South Korea

Busan, Korea Sculptures


Busan Sculptures of Faces


Gwangan Sailing | Busan, South Korea

Sailing at Gwangan Beach, Busan


Granny Sketch | Busan, South Korea

Korea Grandmother Sketch in Busan


Calm Before The Storm

Being Canadian I have to talk about the weather. When non-Canadians ask me why Canadians would possibly feel the need to discuss the weather as much as we do I explain to them that the weather is deadly in Canada. Extreme heat in some areas in summer and extreme cold in winter kill people. And then there’s the snow. That’s probably why we do it.

The most powerful typhoon in a decade is set to hit land here in Korea shortly. They expect monsoon rains and winds of 53 meters a second. That seems a little high but whatever. The last storm that was close to this size killed 250 people and did 5 billion dollars in damage. I remember walking out in a typhoon in Korea years ago. I heard this ‘wocka, wocka, wocka’ sound.

Interview With Yoon, Owner Bewitched Waxing Busan

Some clips from an interview I did with Yoon who owns Bewitched Busan waxing and nail salon here in Busan. I will be posting more of the interview down the road.



Gwangan Beach Video Montage | Busan, South Korea

A short video montage from Gwangan Beach here in Busan last night.



Dadaepo Beach Sculpture | Busan, South Korea

Art Sculpture at Dadaepo Beach in Busan


Neon Shop

Neon guys in Busan


Neon For Sale In Busan


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