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British-Irish Style Pubs in HAPS Issue 33

The new issue of HAPS Magazine, the English-language publication covering Busan, is out. Included is my latest contribution for the bi-monthly, on the growing number of “British-Irish Style” pubs popping up all over the city.

Head to page 36 now or view the entire issue online below. You can grab a free copy at many fine and dandy establishments around Busan.

Graffiti in Busan: For the People


It's here and there around town, sometimes hidden on the roofs of buildings or on the back alley walls, but along the 1 km stretch heading north from the Oncheonjeong subway station, you can see the best in Korean graffiti. Artist, Britt Kee Irvin, talked to some of the artists living on the wall including the most renowned, K2. 

BUSAN, South Korea -- As a former resident artist at Agit Indie Space in Busan, I have been fortunate to meet some extremely talented graffiti ‘writers.’ This is the title by which they are known in Korea, where a subculture of dedicated writers has existed for over 20 years.

Rain's Plagiarism Charges. Did He Really Bite?

With music, who can really say who stole what from who, when, where or whatever? Of the two disputed songs, "Busan Woman" and "Detroit Girl," their greatest similarity may be that neither song is much to make a fuss about. 

Enter Miru Kim I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed...

Enter Miru Kim

I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed an article on Miru Kim and her controversial work. I didn’t read what she’s really all about (yet), but what got me interested was her portfolio. It’s these kind of images— random— that incites my imagination and creativity and makes me want to become a better photographer. 

Busan’s 10 Best: Beyond the Festivals and Beaches

The Gwangali fireworks festival as seen from the peak of Mt. Jangsan, undoubtedly Korea's best fireworks show. ~ Photo by P. DeMarco

View slide show here.

[Note: This article was originally published in the November 2009 issue of 10 Magazine. It was updated on 11.28.10]

Expat Night #2 with the Lotte Giants

See video
Busan.com's coverage of BusanHaps.com 2nd Expat Night with the 2010 Lotte Giants

Disappearing Dustin Hefner @ Busan Haps#5 Launch Party

See video

(apologies to Dustin and viewers for the sloppy tripod)
Discussion with Dustin Hefner about his  Busan Haps articles on the lives of foreign atheletes in Korea. 

Busan Haps#5 Launch Party
 February 12, 2010
 Club Fabric 
Busan, Korea


J Lipsky & Mindy Sisco @ Busan Haps#5 Launch Party

See video

 Discussion with Jefferson Lipsky & Mindy Sisco about "The Southbay: Pure Punkadelic " in Issue#5 and the Busan music scene in general. 

Busan Haps#5 Launch Party 
February 12, 2010
Club Fabric 


Petra Jung @ Busan Haps #5 Launch Party

 Discussion with Petra Jung of Busan eFM, cover girl of Busan Haps Issue#5

Busan Haps Launch Party
February 12, 2010
Club Fabric

Bobby & Lynsey @ Busan Haps#5 Launch Party

See video

 Discussion with Busan Haps Publisher, Bobby McGill, and cover story writer, Lynsey Bolin at the Issue#5 Launch Party

February 12, 2010
Club Fabric in Busan, Korea



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