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On 'bad' tourist places - do the DMZ and a templestay belong on the 101 places NOT to see list?

If you're one of those people who really want to know where not to travel, you are now in luck. A new 272-page softcover book 'lowlights' the 101 places not to see before you die. The anti-travel book makes sense, considering how the genre / meme has taken off. From the author's website:

Destination: the biggest Buddha in Korea (Nammireuksa, Gangjin, Jeollanam-do)

Author's note: A hat tip goes to Brian in Jeollanam-do for discovering this place and sharing it with the K-blogosphere.

The middle of nowhere seems the best place to place a Buddhist temple. Far away from the distractions of the world and sounds of the city is this fine example, neatly divided into two sections for your viewing pleasure. The first half seems a bit older compared with the immaculate condition of the second half - and the connecting road is a bit... incongruous.

'Hagwon' in US Go Korean Style

Here's a wonderful bedtime story for those kids of yours, courtesy of the Korea Times:

For Kay Choi, providing a quality summer education for her two older children meant shelling out at least 10 million won ($9,000) each year. This covered two roundtrip plane tickets to Seoul, two months of ``hagwon'' tuition and an allowance for the high-school students while they stayed with their relatives.

But Choi has different plans for her third child.

She's going with a local Korean academy instead ― not because she's short on money, but because the quality is now finally up to par with her standards.

From late night lessons and walk-in tutors to homework overloads, the school's got it all.

Re: 'modest proposal' on visas

It seems the ever-popular Brian in Jeollanam-do has been keeping up with my humble blog / Twitter feed. Not too long ago, I wrote a modest proposal for changing the restrictions on visas for foreign language teachers (that's an E-2 to anyone already here), and sent a copy to the Korea Times for their Opinion section. Some weeks later, Brian tweeted about it before I even realized it was up on the Korea Times, and had a few things to say:

Question from a reader: your rights and the swine flu

A reader writes in with a question many teachers have been wondering about: the swine flu and our rights.

Do you have any idea about what are our rights when it comes to swine flu? Like for example, my friend got sick, and her school made her go to the hospital, where they injected her with multiple things--she has no idea what--and then gave her several unknown drugs to take. A week or so later, she still had a cough, so they made her go back to the hospital, where they gave her Tamiflu, and her school ordered her to take it. I'm not sure how much you know about influenza or Tamiflu.....but that was the most illogical move imaginable. She even got tested for swine flu, and the test says she doesn't have it!

Random thoughts on a Monday

Random thoughts on a Monday

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